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  1. Or would sway a kennel & run together
  2. It's ok matey , just sorry many knobs on here
  3. I'll upload pic later , located in Birmingham This is one of the reason I hate advertising things on here . If your not interested don't comment end of .
  4. For sale : Galvanised dog run 5 : 6x6x6ft galvanised panels 1 : 6x6x6ft with door I've got this set up as a 12x6x6ft . Recently put new bolts in . Reason for sale no use anyone , got no dogs £300 . Can deliver for fuel
  5. What Ferrari 250 gto & jaguar e-type . There x amounts of money + get the parts are hard as well . Ferrari 250 gto a shit 1 was around half a million and a good is £5 million + . Jaguar e-type a shit 1 £30,000 a mint 1 £100,000 - £300,000 So no thanks
  6. Oh and I don't sit on my arse all day and live off tax payers like most of you . I work 40-50 hours a week restoring classic cars & bikes . WANKERS
  7. Listen you fools . I'm no peddler or what ever you want to call it . I'm sure all you fools are daft lampers & etc . These dogs are coursing dogs ( daytime ) local land to me is 20 mile away EASY + in the dead of winter you think I'm going walk to Lincoln and other parts of the country . These dogs are breed to work not to sit kennels and be show ponys and they do get exercised everyday and feed right food . My car got right off 2 months ago and renewal as come throught £3000 + . So I have no car & insurance is stupid . If I had a car or could rely on lift these dogs would of stayed put . The dogs you have seen for sale before are dogs off my pals and people I know who are not donators . SO LOT START ON PEOPLE FOR SELLING A DOG , GET A GRIP SAD c**ts And mods you should let people sell there dogs in peace instead of this all the time , no need .
  8. I know mate you can't sell anything unless you got a idiot commenting
  9. That's where ur wrong pal I'm not renewing see opening your mouth when you know nothing ! Tbf I shouldn't explaining myself to you idiots anyways .
  10. How can it be a poor excuse ai .
  11. Not intersted in dogs don't comment
  12. For your Infomation mate I do work . Do you . How that a sad excuse ai well can't rely on people picking me up can I
  13. And I know what some of you are thinking end of season so getting rid bcus they no good or jacked . Well let me tell you something it's not like that at all if car renewal wasn't so stupid like £3000 + . I would 100% keeping dogs
  14. Sold for time been . Until lads come collect them like agreed
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