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  1. where are you?just to narrow it down a bit, you,ll need a second morgage with Les potts.
  2. anyone in the sunderland area with a hob ? thanks .
  3. It looks to be on 13th & 14th August 2011 (see link below).... http://www.countrymanfairs.co.uk/cumbria-game-and-country-fair It's one of a number of shows organised by Countryman's Fairs who also run the Midland Game Fair at Weston Park, along with several others around the country. thanks for that barry.
  4. another one to try thanks after the bbq is finished wrap a rainbow trout in tin foil then put it in the ashes for breakfast next morning .
  5. anyone know if the show is on this year, or still cancelled.
  6. you can use either but welding something has heavy as a horse shoe you would need more than just a bottom of the range mig set, like most you get what you pay for !!
  7. whats the warm soap for mate, lol eh i think i may need to watch my spelling just out of interest what would you expect to be paid for a syndicate shoot of average 40 to 60 bird days, guns standing all day ?
  8. i matt was down your way last year visiting family, came across a small traditional gun shop in ledbury well worth a visit, is there any bigger shoots around the worcester area ?
  9. hi matt any gun shop should sort you out mate. me i use a 210 pitch dog whistle works ok with the cocker.
  10. if the dog is going a back of you put your back against a wall/fence to stop it , if it stops short then in the open let it come to you then start backing up keep your head down dogs do,nt like rejection , then praise.
  11. ive heard this a few times now buying poults in early then start shooting october, what about feed bills ?
  12. any ideas - stop the snow building up inbetween a dogs pads tried vaseline but dos,nt last.
  13. me mother always made rabbit pie with black pudding and a thick pie crust , gorgous.
  14. he,s only a pup take it slow, he,s doing a lot more than mine did at that age, and he turned out ok.
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