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  1. If you are ON it then most cartridges will do the job, 5-7 shot, eley, gamebore, RC, whatever you chose its still your accuracy that will be the weak link.
  2. Have a look through some of my previous posts then make assumptions! This place has got quite a rep for having hostile members, I can see why!
  3. We have a poaching issue around here in the winter time. Are you a one man band? Are the keepers around getting bother? Around 8 of us pull together here by patrolling in turn roughly 30 miles of road at night, each of us gives the other permission to lamp each others ground and generally be about the neighbouring estates. We have one person that collates all information that we collect and he liases with the local plod, its a system that works well and we continually put pressure on the police to help us.
  4. Get a good spade then get down to your local blacksmith and get him to make a shaft and handle for it. Get yourself a nice short pinch bar.
  5. You can lead a horse to water...... Has it actually been to an earth with something at home? One of mine wont bury its tail unless the earth is occupied.
  6. Lol,jimmy shop you have me now and im sure i know who you are! You would be the man that was singing Joe Dolan songs all night? As you know,i know alot of dog men in both the uk and ireland,old and new,ive still the original line of gould dogs i had back then,im sure there isnt many got the original dogs and kept them as pure as this. Ive a litter of pups here now,2 dogs and 3 bitches,first litter ive bred in 5yr,i belive i still owe you a pup that i promised you that day 23yr ago!!in sure thats what was coming next jimmy shop,you've a memory like myself.lol ive pm'd you a pic of pups,pare
  7. Nope, never been. I actually know right from wrong, that doesnt really matter though as most cons are innocent arent they?
  8. as some have already said, move the poo, even block off the top part of the hutch/run A little tip for you, when I had the ferrets I cut out a 4"x4" square on the floor of the hutch, I then stapled a bit of weldmesh to the hole and put a pale under it, I would pick up the poo's and place them on the weldmesh until they got used to doing it there, the poo would fall through into the pale. Kept the hutch very clean.
  9. and if you hit the antler with power washer you'll take the browning of them and fook them bleach for me all the way And if you get bleach on the horns you will f**k them. If you really want to use this method I have seen people soak cotton wool buds in Potassium Permanganate then place on the skull.
  10. [sarcasm]Aye, Thats no problem, anytime.[sarcasm]
  11. If youdo it right in the first place you dont need bleach. Skin it, cut it, boil it then power wash it. Ive done HUNDREDS and never used bleach yet.
  12. Somewhere you have permission
  13. Thats a cracking picture of your pecker and its nuts.
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