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  1. 10ft long x 4ft wide £200 and buyer to dismantle and collect
  2. Yea been a slow process gradually selling my gun, ferrets, lamp and now the dog :/ Just want him to go to a good home
  3. Cheers lads gutted he's going but want him to go to a good home and somebody look after him. Having kids and both me and the Mrs with full time jobs and she does shifts is no good :/
  4. Hi Reluctantly having to sell my dog due to a change in circumstances and I am gutted but I don't have the time for the dog now and it's not fair on the dog. I have Had Alfie from a pup and he's Always been outside on his own. Good with other dogs and kids. Very good with ferrets and marks up. Done a bit on the lamp with him and he was just about there and came back every time the lamp went off. Doesn't bother with sheep as this was one of the first things I drilled into him. Looking for £100 and somebody who will spend time with him as a working dog or pet
  5. Got my light force striker and Tracer 14 amp lithium battery up for sale. Striker lamp Tracer 14 amp lithium battery Red filter Main charger + in car charger Jack Pike carry bag £160 collected or willing to post at buyers cost Located Co Durham
  6. Cheers mark going to try and get out as much as I can with him this season and hopefully get him where I want him to be. He never will be the best dog in the world but I enjoy him and that's all that matters I suppose I don't have him to impress other people. Him yapping does my head in a little bit he's not doing it all the time so will just see how he gets on
  7. Well say in bored and the Mrs had an early night and with me no longer having ferrets for a few year I decided to have a look out at 9pm Weather not exactly ideal with it being so clammy but decided to have a look anyway. First field line rabbit sat out so slipped the dog and got the buzz back of the chase and 1-0 to me and the dog. Lamped another couple of fields but not a rabbit in site but pleased to be off the mark and only out 40 minutes. Dog was still a bit yappy unfortunately when he was slipped on the rabbit thought he might have grown out of it. Anything I can do to stop him?
  8. Suppose to be going Sunday if not will let you know. Everything sold pending collection
  9. Only the locator and collars left for Sale if everybody collects as they say they will
  10. Right chaps managed to get some photos Mk3 locator and 2 collars = £200 Ferret box = £10 Approx 40 nets (couple need repair) £30 Bag = £10 Ferret hutch and ferrets = £50
  11. Without the long net would be £250
  12. Think it's 100yard my mates had it that long I have forgot lol
  13. Hi decided to sell up as I am not going to get chance getting out for a while with been busy with work, kids and one thing or another. Would like to try and sell as a job lot if possible. Mk3 locator with 2 collars 2 Jill ferrets 2 year old - tame Chicken coop style hutch & run with winter cover Fold up army spade and pouch - New Loads of purse nets and pegs Double bow back carry box - needs varnishing Quickset long net and basket Large game bag to carry nets Will try and post pictures tomorrow
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