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  1. Hi I have a BSA lightning for sale it's my uncles gun and he's asked me to sell it for him he wants around 125 for it. I'll try and upload some pics.
  2. davep1

    best time to go out rabbiting

    cheers thanks mate
  3. hi guys whats the best time of the day to go out. is it evening before it gets dark or doesnt it matter what time of day?I want to take my little girl out with me just wondering best time. As i only go lamping cheers guys
  4. H im fully insured and always treat the permision with great care. Im looking for the chance to shoot rabbits woodies crows tree rats with my air gun can travel thanks
  5. davep1

    red filters

    cool did it stop them darting?
  6. davep1

    red filters

    hi guys been having a few problems with bunnies darting as soon as they see the lamp, does filters really work?
  7. its a new scope mate. can you over tighten the screws though? i zero it for around 35 but always start closer
  8. HI ive bought a new pcp gun, but every time i use it i have to zero it back in is there anyway I can sort this out? can I buy some mounts to sort this or will I need to get new sights. thanks for any advice. dave
  9. hi mate how did you attach the bipod to the gun?
  10. Hi Mate,

    I'm frm Llwynypia mate,

    When I asked before christmas I had permission to shoot on a few down cardiff way but now they don't need [NO TEXT TALK] as they've had sum1 else shooting on them! Where you shoot 2 mate?



  11. davep1


    cheers guys just trial and error really then.
  12. davep1


    does it really matter how light it is, Do rabbits still come out if its a light night, I went out monday didnt see anything, went out wednesday and seen 4 a little confused?
  13. hi mate what golf courses you got permision on im in penygraig i could take you to the golf course got lamps
  14. in need of somwhere else to shoot

  15. davep1


    yeah mate gutted and skinned right after that pic. cooked and all gone now going out wednesday hopefully danny with the uploading of pic i cant do it on my profile as pic is to big but if you want to upload to a post you can do it at the bottom of page when you write it. it says attachments then just get your pic up select it and it should come on then mate