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  1. leepieman123

    Mk 3 Locator With 2 Collers

    Sold pending payment!!!!!!
  2. leepieman123

    Mk 3 Locator With 2 Collers

    Pm sent
  3. leepieman123

    Mk 3 Locator With 2 Collers

    Ferrets gone naw just using shotgun and dog.so theres no point me keeping it.its in excellent condition.based in caerphilly,mid glam.thanks lee
  4. leepieman123

    Mk 3 Locator With 2 Collers

    Price drop 100 quid
  5. Hi all selling a mark 3 ferret finder with 2 collers.magnetic type.in excellent conditio.120pound if intrested mail me.south wales
  6. leepieman123

    Logun Axsor Pics Added

    Give you 250
  7. leepieman123


    Got a midland and co,o/u,ejecters,multichoke
  8. leepieman123


    Where you based mate?
  9. leepieman123

    Rapid Wanted

    Been to see it not fussed on it.but thank you andy
  10. leepieman123

    Rapid Wanted

    Hi all looking for a rapid 20 cal mabey 22.money waiting for the right gun.thanks leepie
  11. leepieman123

    Theoben Rapid Mk1 's In 22

    Hi mate where are you.and what cal is the s type barrel.thanks
  12. leepieman123


    hi mate i sent you a pm
  13. leepieman123

    wanted s410 south wales

    elma can you txt me mate not worried about price if its wjat im looking for.il pm you my number mate atb leepie
  14. leepieman123

    aas410 carbine

    hi mate have you still got it?atb leepie
  15. leepieman123

    Air arms s400

    have you still got the gun mate