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  1. If people don't intend buying one or have no interest they should phone the companies selling these lamps/batteries and give them there business advice . Think the first battery is too small for serious lamping. Good luck with selling.
  2. Was this the one you said kept cutting out on another thread or is it a different one. :search:
  3. I own a 3/4 Whippet 1/4 Grey. He's 5 years old up until 2 1/2 years I just lamped/ferretted him he retreived fine. At this time I started to race him. Since then he won't retreive.I understand its a lot to expect to do both racing/work. I have tried walking away but he leaves the rabbit. Don't race him no more. He will retreive a ball all day long,But not a rabbit? Any advice
  4. When Lamping if my dog misses a rabbit he is straight back to my side and on the slip as I'm walking,The only time we stop is to get over a gate or hedge,Don't want to sound hard on my dog. I only take 1 dog lamping and am normally out for 2-3 hours. Do people stop and let there dog stop panting after every Run/Field before moving on? Or constantly lamp non- stop? Cheers
  5. I think a pup from that litter back to a straight Greyhound or Whippet would make a handy cross.Good luck
  6. Have seen alot of dogs with really strong backs packed with muscle,and have really tried to build my dogs up,But can keep any muscle on back.Any advice/Improvements on my regime? My dogs get this regime 3 Days - 4.5 miles road walking 1 Day - Free running in a enclosed field with a 400 yard steep hill 1 Day - X4 200 yard gallop behind lure.
  7. That true Tomo if your dog pleases you in your work thats all that matters.A Whippet/Greyhound or each will catch there quarry as fast as they can,A saluki likes to course behind abit.Just my opinion.A touch of collie or bedlington is good for abit of nose/Brains.But as I say if your dog works for you thtas all that matters.My 2 Coll/Grey crosses work well.
  8. A while back i put a whippet across my 23" Bull X. I`ve been out lamping & ferreting with two of the pups that mates have had, and i`ve found them to be crackin little workers quick of the mark, good with other dogs, but game enough if needed. Dam. Bull X center. Dog pup Left. Bitch pup right. Yis Mars. Nice Dogs Mars. Mate has 2 Bull/Grey X Whippet pups.The Dam the Bull/Grey had determination and would go through anything to get her kill,But she is a bit to stocky and lacked a bit of fire on the turn,The pups have resulted in good all rounders with stamina to burn and have accounted a good haul of rabbits.I think people under estimate the Stamina levels of a Whippet or Greyhound. Greyhounds being the ultimate coursing dog,Far superior to any Lurcher,As seen in the Waterloo cup.And some of the greyhounds having good race careers as Marathon dogs,No Stamina would soon show on the track.I am considering using a whippet or greyhound on one of my col/grey in the summer and am seriuosly considering a straight greyhound over her.Whippet/Greyhounds are ultimate race dog built for speed.I think after 1/4 of deerhound,Collie,Bed,Kelpie,Bull etc they lose it as a race dog.
  9. I am postiing these for springfield as he cannot host pictures as of yet.Get with it CORNWALL
  10. Mesh wanted for kennel must be able to cover 5ft x 16ft,Must be string weld mesh anu contacts Somerset way. strong weld mesh
  11. Remember Stag well In his jumping days,Cracking dog
  12. hi new member work couple lurchers
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