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  1. A jill I had a few years ago had a litter of just 2, the following year she had 4! Nice small litters easy to feed, sell etc
  2. 7 weeks till Marmaris - buzzin!!!

  3. got my 4 done £4 each cant argue with that
  4. one of my best days happened last season i was out with my new jills probaly only there 4th time out when i put them to ground & waited for about 5 mins then in about a space of 1 minute 4 rabbits bolted straight into the purse nets from all directions. theres been other good days but that one justs sticks out for pure exciement
  5. yeah dont worry mate, none of my 4 have come in season yet just give it time
  6. Flash - polecat hob 7 yrs Scampy - albino hob 6 yrs Fidget - polecat jill 1 yr Pixie - polecat jill 1 yr Sky & Star - albino sisters 1 yr
  7. you'll get no stick off me mate, i do the same with mine
  8. like the black eyed white you got there im thinking of getting 1 myself this year if anyones gonna have any kits for sale
  9. £10 sounds fair enough to me mate thats cheaper then a jill jab where i am
  10. good luck reaching your target of 1000 mate loving your ferret pens in the background of the picture aswell
  11. i just chuck the whole rabbit into mine mate no need for skinning it, rabbits there natural diet so its got everything they need & by the time they've finished with it theres not much left
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