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  1. bigfeller


    Wanted 17"4x4 tyres
  2. This lad buys all game 07734 344512 Dave.
  3. bigfeller

    410 Gear

    where you at pal
  4. bigfeller

    410 Wanted

    410 wanted for my lad prefer a under and over but any thing considered
  5. bigfeller

    Three Shot 12G Wanted

    Am after a three shot, must be synthetic am not bothered for escort. I am in south yorks but willing to travel cheers
  6. bigfeller

    Three Shot Wanted

    Any body else got one for sale
  7. bigfeller

    Three Shot Wanted

    Three shot 12g wanted let me know what you have for sale
  8. bigfeller

    Lanber M/c 12B

    Where yer based pal
  9. bigfeller

    Triple Terrier Box

    You have a pm off me
  10. bigfeller

    Show us your Bedlington terriers.,,

    Al get some up tomorrow
  11. bigfeller

    Roof Materials

    Get someone to fibreglass it it's the best way to do flat roofs
  12. bigfeller

    Show us your Bedlington terriers.,,

    I have a litter of bedlingon x Patterdales for sale in about three week if any body interested
  13. bigfeller

    Shotgun Cabinet

    Got one now thanks
  14. bigfeller

    Shotgun Cabinet

    Three gun cabinet wanted