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  1. New unused jack Pyke gamekeeper knife and sharpener for sale £15.00 post inc
  2. suns out over west lol some snow not lying while u guys r gettin it tight still its sumit different lol
  3. mind and defrost it 1st
  4. crosman benjamin trail 22 new in box , loads extras all new with reciepts genuine reason for sale , gun is in scotland .collection only cash sale . open to offers from £250 to £300 dependent on what you want .reply by pm thanks .can send pics by email
  5. took 9 months to work it out it kills it does its job suits me fine i cant see past 30yds even with a scope so dont do that 35/45 yd thing that other guns can do cause i aint buying into it each to there own
  6. i got mine in march only just broke in now i dont notice how quiet it is tbh ,but defo easy to cock .not keen on the centrepoint scope but got leaper on it .also use bsa red dot for ratting great wee rifle the stock needs darkened but maybe its just me lol overall 300 well spent
  7. passed through whitburn and harthill today you would think theres some sort celebration goin on now with support like that we may go down to the 3rd div but we will never die we are the people
  8. if its just for rats get a red dot great fun and deadly accurate
  9. just read a wee write up on the pellets in airgun shooter an old 2011 issue ,wonder if they ever done a follow up dont remember 1 lol
  10. surprisingly quiet after 100 shots had kills to 35yds so far , still playing with pellets
  11. Well give them a slap from me then, Peddling twats :lol:
  12. got an email today from a mate of 1 of my permissions regards removal of moles from a model aircraft club runway ,if u can help send me your email and i will pass it on and you can sort it out with the bloke cheers -f mac, by pm please
  13. nylon nets gone cheers tote
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