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  1. ryballnben

    Pcp Setup Wanted Cash Waiting

    I'm looking for set up round £500 mark in the north east preferably cheers
  2. who does wormer

    1. paulus
    2. Flacko
    3. ryballnben


      Donnyc that's him thanks for reply had some off him before cheers


  3. ryballnben

    Land Rover Discovery 300Tdi

    Have pm,d you bud
  4. As title says boys havnt been on in ages !! anybody on here do them cheers in advance.
  5. ryballnben

    Whippet Puppys

    Any pics of the dam and sire? pups look well.
  6. Rws excalibre .22 , wearing hawke ir sights illuminated red/green reticle, comes with 2 mags,new bag, hills pump. Nice condition shoots really well.
  7. ryballnben

    Daystate Forester .177 Mint Condition

    lovely looking gun that dude
  8. As above I have a RWS DIANA .22 in great shape ,wearing a set of Hawke ir scopes ,3 mags ,gun bag hills stirrup pump ,,tin of pellets . Swap for car,bike,boat why ? You never know !
  9. looks like hed be a perfect pet for someone seems like an ordinary dog to me all dogs are curious of varying scents.
  10. ryballnben

    Vitara 4X4

    canny looking motor
  11. Dogs only going nuts in kennel coz a fkn hedgehog walking through garden cheers you ginger hairy b*****d got to be up at 5 for work and cant fkn sleep now.

  12. ryballnben

    Robust Or Speed!

    Had a saluki, deerhound, greyhound that was a feckin flyer but would run through your house to get to quarry it was his undoing in the end ,,, seen him fly off cliffs,, take out complete brambles and keep on going he would out strip both my racing greyhounds and whippets just always seemed to have that extra gear unfortunately chasing down a roe which hit cover , he hit a tree flat out and it was all over!! I heard the impact from over 500 yds away and he was lying stone dead with a broken neck and two broken front legs when i got there . the farmer was a gem that day and allowed me to bury him on the next field, that was over 15 yrs ago just got my first lurcher since 2 yrs ago how the game has changed still adjusting now.
  13. Hi guys know this has just been done havnt bought or sold any guns for ages now so not sure on market etc,, any ideas would help Thanks .22 RWS, EXCALIBRE,, Nice condition comes with hills pump, 2 mags,silencer,new bag,2/3 tins of pellets and hawke ir scopes.