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  1. Loads say it’s collie blood. I also have found if they don’t like cover to much mainly sighthound breds
  2. What makes a lurcher pick it runs by the hedge is it because of collie blood or too many runs on silly rabbit just a topic that I would like to hear peoples opinions on. To me it’s the dog thinking by the time it gets from A-B the rabbit will be in C
  3. I’m just trying to keep a steady head with the breeding. Some will lose there mind thinking what to do.
  4. Cheers black neck. Just trying to get views on people’s thoughts on what each breed will add
  5. What I’m trying to get at is what would be my best addition to add to try to improve this. Most breed to improve something in their line. 2 perfect dogs could produce rubbish
  6. I’ve a 4 year old whippet grey bitch will retrieve to me then will let go within a yard of me and have to recatch but sometimes doesn’t. It’s frustrating as after a good run she has let go. She will bring in a dummy or ball and hold until I take it off her. Sometimes she is fine with retrieving after a few wins. She’s the softest mouthed lurcher I’ve ever owned of the 4 in my time. I’m thinking of breeding her as have had parents and is nice to keep the line going. The rest of litter are all doing really well. If if I did decide to go down the route of breeding I’m thinking of add
  7. I've heard stories to much collie can make a dog pick runs
  8. I've a whippet grey bitch im looking to breed in a couple of seasons. I want to add some substance this generation and probably go down the collie route. Know of a few genuine working collies near but also of a half bred hancock. My bitch is only 22" unsure if that size can take to the collie frame aswell as a greyhound does
  9. I work Monday to Friday 8-4:30 I try to get out maybe once in the week and once at weekend. It's a pain on work nights as can never really commit to it to long. Wonder how everyone else fits working there dogs around there working
  10. How much collie is to much. I've seen a few clips on YouTube recently of people working a 3/4 collie. For me 1/2 would be enough. What's people's opinions
  11. If you watch alot of videos. Yes the dogs in the videos are good but alot would say how many they had to get to that special one.
  12. Looking of websites people who have good dogs seem to go through alot of dogs to get where they're too. Alot dissappear or get passed on. Are theese good or bad lurcher men getting rid of the stuff they have that's not made the grade? As some say good dofs are born not made
  13. There seems a really fine line between getting a really really keen run rabbits all night collie cross or one that picks it's runs or stalks after catching a few. Wonder if its being ran too hard too young or the nature of the dog
  14. If you were looking to breed and you had access to a first cross or a dog that was out of 2 first crosses would you find the one from the second cross will throw a raceyer dog. As it seems when you but 2 first crosses together they come out finer than a first cross
  15. No doubt a beddy cross would add better feet. But a collie cross more brains and stamina
  16. I hear so many stories of collie crosses working picking runs jacking on rabbits,etc after a few seasons. People say it's jacking or is it that they're to slow
  17. So what would you all choose a beddy cross or collie cross. I've seen lurcher with no interest to chase and been more than capable to catch. But I've also seen heavy collie crosses with plenty of drive to chase but lack if speed. Sod sending a dog into a frozen lake. Will leave the to Torvill and Dean
  18. So which of the 2 breeds in question do you think offers this
  19. Some good replies. It looks like the beddy is more favoured. Malamute only good for towing the game bag home in the snow
  20. As above what are your thoughts alot say collies can pick there runs after a few seasons. But beddy makes them hunt up alot
  21. Hi All. I'm looking for a wheaton x greyhound to put over my bitch. Please pm with details. Thanks
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