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  1. Hi folks, I and a friend bought a lurcher bitch a week ago, a tight, well muscled fine looking specimen. Owner had her very fit, plenty of work, treadmill too) We've hardly had her off the lead, but just last night she got off her bed and I noticed something like a protruding muscle at the top of the front/shoulder, it looks kind of like a golf ball under the skin, I've had a look and feel (feels like muscle) and it doesn’t appear to be causing ant discomfort (she walks fine on it) . . Any ideas of what it could be people? Will take her to the vet if it doesn’t disappear over the next couple of days. Thanks, Tom
  2. Hi guys. I'm after a Lightforce Blitz and Battery pack if anyone has one going ? Must be good condition, no faults. Postage needed if not local please ! (South West) Thanks, Tom.
  3. Hello folks. As above, would like a pair of neoprene wellies uk 8. Mole skin trousers 30/32x30/32 and a waterproof jacket medium size. Thought I'd try on here before heading to the shops. Decent money paid for decent items. Thanks, Tom.
  4. Yes I agree totally Mike, I am the same. . But as NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) has taught me, it is difficult to understand another man's view from our perspective. All the best with homing the dog (a good home)
  5. This fella will probably have a few Nick 01278 671868. Near Bridgwater
  6. All those x's are a little confusing ted, I would have called them "Bitza's" ! . . Nevertheless, awesome looking pups, worth every penny. ATB
  7. Wow, thanks Bmwmotard for taking the time to respond in such depth, I will refer time and again to this post. You certainly know your stuff. Thanks, all the best for now. Tom
  8. Thanks Phantom, as a newbie to the air rifle world, it all helps. Thanks, ATB, Tom
  9. Hello people. I am thinking of buying a BSA XI, any educated thoughts on the gun would be appreciated. Also; can the gun be modified ? I.e improved by a better spring or something. I am fairly new to air guns, but I'm no mug. Thanks folks.
  10. A great cross and one I proudly own - Whippet x Greyhound / Deerhound x Greyhound.
  11. I remember a Collie/Greyhound x Whippet/Greyhound bitch. She was a first class on rabbits at night. But the breed jonsey mentioned sounds handy too. ATB
  12. Sorry, don't understand half of the posts - I can't read them ! Okay, let me clarify what I mean - I believe the breed of the dog is more important than the Breeding of the dog - for example Joe Blogg's whippet/greyhound over Johns Smiths deerhound/greyhound can produce pups just as good ​as the more illustrious breeders. Of course you fellas who have paid hundreds of pounds for line bred dogs wouldn't want to agree with that. As for "pup" he was certainly no line bred, but a great worker, he would have give any "line bred" dog a run for it's money. How can some plonker who's never laid eyes on a dog determine how good he was ? You should of asked of the fashion the quarry was taken before you pass judgment, As for obedience, that was my fault not his. PS any dog catch a hare ? (let alone 5) get real, have some respect for the most demanding of quarry. All the best you all, thanks for reading.
  13. There seems to be this reoccurring notion that for a dog to be “top class” it has to have heritage i.e. come from top class “working lines” Let me tell you, that is first class Nonsense. May I tell you about a pup I was given when I was 15 years old, it was given to me as the “runt of the litter” by a travelling chap from Waterloo site in Pembroke Dock. Its sire and dam? A couple of mangy looking lurchers from the site. After a year of neglect (in terms of training) I started working him, the damn thing wouldn’t listen for no one (he never did). . But, over the coming few years this dog did some incredible things, including stopping 5 Hares in one night in amazing fashion. Catch two rabbits in the space of 20 seconds on the lamp, and stop an impressive roe buck in awesome circumstance - just a couple examples of many, many. This dog was 27”tts, he would clear 6 feet with a grin, no idea (regretfully) of his cross, would guess at saluki, bull, collie, greyhound. He’d work for himself, sometimes with me, but rarely for me. . Many flaws in obedience (fault, my own) but a machine of a dog. Line bred? Forget it; a lurcher is a mutt not a pedigree, but marvellous mutt at that. R.I.P “Pup” a boys best friend.
  14. Thanks folks, friend is now reassured and the little chappie is settling into his new home.
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