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  1. I like her anyhow. Cheers. A few lads said I should have entered her in lurcher show at Midland Gamefair. Only problem is I went Sunday. Oops. Maybe next year. From what I hear her brother won champion at a welsh game fair. Not sure if that's fact though. Atb
  2. Here's my bitch. Bull grey x saluki grey. 2yrs old.
  3. Evening folks. As some of you know I've just had a bad experience with a second hand rifle. (Which has now gone back) I'm thinking of getting a new Tikka T3, in Hunter variant with stainless fluted barrel, .243 cal. Mainly because they get superb reviews and I just like the look of the wood stock with a stainless fluted barrel. BUT........ It doesn't come screw cut. Question being. ... how important are sound moderators on a cf rifle. The last gun I had 22-250 was still loud as fook with one on. Has the mod any other benefits or would I be fine without one? I'm guessing even
  4. This is true although it does have its benefits. Originally I got refused a .243 which is what i wanted in the 1st place, unless I had mentoring conditions. Spoke with BASC then Spoke to a different FEO today and he's going to allow me a .243 as a direct swap from the 250. Strange I know but I'm glad I've managed to get it. No mentoring conditions but closed for now. Happy.
  5. Having sought legal advice from 3 different solicitors its been advised to cough up the £292.94 instead of going court as they would definitely see it in the cat owners favour. And I'd be even more out of pocket. I had no intention of killing a cat but my dogs do not like them and neither do I. But as said it was someone's pet and I would be pissed if someone's dog killed mine. Lesson learnt. . Still pisses me off how cats can just be let out to do what the hell they like. Including shitting in gardens and killing song birds. Just doesn't sit well with me. Atb
  6. Well folks. UPDATE...... Went to a local shop (Malmo Guns) this morning with the rifle. Think his face said it all when he looked at the crown. .......... anyhow he bore scoped it with the propper kit and the verdict was as suspected. Very bad first inch or so but the breech was corroded and 2 bad patches down the length of the barrel. There words were "if you were trading it in to us we'd have put it in the scrap skip" lol. Anyhow rang the guy where I got it from and at first he wanted to try and make it right, said it could be the mod...... Then told him id been and had it bore scoped a
  7. What about the barrel not floating as such. Its touching one side and loads of clearance on the other? Cheers
  8. At this moment I'd rather not name and shame. I'll give the guy a chance to rectify 1st. Just want opinions then I've some "ammo" sort of speak when I ring him. Atb
  9. It came with a big mod so maybe its lived on the end of gun for years. ??
  10. Thats what others have said bud. A decent firearms dealer either sorted it before re-sale or not took it in exchange. I feel a right muppet for buying a dud.
  11. As I'm sure some of you have already seen my post on the Facebook group but for those who are not part of the said group here goes. I bought this rifle last Saturday in good faith from a firearms dealer. Being green to rifles I took his word it was ok. 2nd hand CZ 22-250. I was a little curious about the end of the gun. He said he was 95% confident it would group fine. Anyhow it definitely doesn't group fine. What are you're thoughts and can it be rectified in you're opinions? Many thanks. Thanks
  12. GameRooster. I fully appreciate what you are saying. Break em to cats. Both my terriers were brought up on farm with cats and we're fine until one day something clicked and no mater what I did all they wanted to do was kill them.... I'm sure the majority of lurchers will hunt to kill if something small and furry pops up in font of them un expected, instinct takes over. And there's not much chance of changing their mind. I'm sure people have broken to cats but few and far between I would imagine. Atb
  13. Just spoken To Clive and he says in court they could be deemed to be dangerous and not under my control so advises me to cough up the full sum. Gutted. They don't say owt to cat owners when they're killing hundreds of birds etc. Fooking cats
  14. Bit of an update folks. Had a letter in the post today.. Explaining that they are willing to go to a small claims court if the vet bill wasn't settled in full within a month from today. If I don't pay and they take it to court they will be seeking full payment and a new fancy cat worth £250-£500 on top. Almost £100 of vet bill is for cremation and return of ashes... Jeeesus.... solicitor required me thinks. ..
  15. Well I got one..... CZ 550 American 22-250 Cal. Hawke 6.5-20 sidewinder tactical, bipod and wildcat silencer. Get it scoped in tomorrow and get on some foxes tomoz night.
  16. I've been out rabbiting and shot a few fox with my . 22 LR. All bar 1 dropped on the spot, and the one that didn't made up my mind to apply for a 22-250. .22 will kill fox but in my experience there are definitely better calibres for the job.
  17. Sorry. .... was saying as long as it looks nice to me and does the job in hand I'm not bothered about much else. Thanks folks
  18. We'll it does sound promising for the CZ. You hear a lot about Tikka, Remington and such like guns but as said not many people seem to care for the Centrefire CZ. I've spoken to many gun shops this last week and not one of them has a great deal to say about CZ Centrefire rifles. I'm not big on names or whether it has a extremely smooth bolt action. As long as it does
  19. As I have just been granted a 22-250 centrefire and in the process of choosing one, I was wondering why you hear lots of good things about CZ rimfire and a lot of shooters own one, as I do in the .22 50th Anniversary Edition. Yet there are very few CZ Centrefire rifles about or should I say you very rarely hear any mention of them.... Are CZ capable of making a centrefire as good as their .22 and HMR? Or not as the case may be? As I'm wondering is this the reason I've not heard anything much about them... I really like everything about my .22 rimfire! And was wondering if it was worth
  20. Not entirely sure to be honest. They just said Rem 700. Its on gun trader at Malmo Guns (Lancashire) if you can enlighten me!2nd Hand for £450 I think. They use a bore scope to make sure barrel isn't worn and have bought off them in the past with good after sales service. Thanks
  21. Evening folks. Just been granted 22-250. There's a Remington 700 in my local gun shop. What are you're thoughts on this gun? Accuracy weight etc. Thanks
  22. Mines a bull grey saluki grey. Absolute best dog I've had so far. Easy to train very loyal and great with the children. Very switched on in the field.
  23. I've got a whippet x beddy collie grey. But looks just like a whippet st 18.5tts. She's 4 now and I've got to say she's a cracker. Plenty of speed, can jump a gate and fence no bother but usually tries to get under if possible. Good little day and ferreting dog but in all honesty not too good on the lamp, as much as I've tried. She's very much a one man dog and will gladly stand staring at me for hours which can become annoying. She's had rabbits, and various creatures. Had 1 red thing, and she doesn't half get stuck in. And definitely no reverse gear. As far as injuries go, her face
  24. I was walking them on the same footpath that I have for the last 5 years. This path is on the edge of a grazing field next to a wood. The cat was in the field next to the wood. Probably stalking some bird or something. like I said to the mrs. 1st if the cat was worth that much why wasn't it insured. 2nd why was it just wondering about doing its own thing unattended. 3rd why was it taken vets if he couldn't afford a bill. Cos if I didn't go round he'd be having to pay that his self.
  25. A bit of a update. I have been round to apologise for my dogs killing the cat. It has died only after the vet gave it £300 worth of treatment. The husband said it was my fault for not having my dogs under control and he telling me I should pay the full vet bill. Said his cat had every right to be in that field. Apparently the cat was something special and they cost upto £ 500. . But they had no insurance. Ive offered to put some towards the vet bill but he wants the full amount paying. Err not sure on this one. ???
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