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  1. 29 minutes ago, mC HULL said:

    when younger i had herding types mate i like em to be fair if i couldn’t keep coursing breds that’s were i would be 

    i don’t keep plodders mate they will smoke a herding type 😂 great mouths smash cover id be willing to bet i slipped with gl whippet my dog would win the course and kill the hare 😂 😆 

    Probably kill the whippet 🤣

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  2. On 13/10/2022 at 17:47, sandymere said:

    A step in the right direction in Hungary.

    from a friend on facebook.

    A short update about the legalization of hare hunting with Magyar Agars in Hungary:
    As most of you may know, hunting with sighthounds has been prohibited in Hungary since WWII. The legislation has changed very slowly in recent years, and finally, from this year it is legal and possible to hunt hare, red fox and golden jackal with Magyar Agars under very strict rules. The first exam - in 74 years - to qualify as „agarász” ( = person who hunts with sighthounds) was held yesterday, where 16 people took the exam successfully. Two more exam opportunities are due next week.
    What is necessary in order to hunt with a Magyar Agar legally in Hungary:
    - take a state hunting exam (shooting practice and exam are not necessary)
    - take an additional exam to qualify to hunt with MA
    - with these 2 exams, the person can get a hunting permit
    - the dog must pass a hunting ability test (VAV) specially for MAs.
    There are two types of the hunting ability test. The „artificial” one is very similar to a coursing, with the dogs chasing an artificial lure in pairs. The „live hare” version is a real hunting situation, where the dogs chase live hares in their natural environment. This can only be held during the hunting season of the hare (October - December).
    So how does this affect the international MA community?
    - As the Magyar Agar is originally a hunting breed, it is hoped that the hunting ability will be taken into consideration when making decisions about breeding.
    - The state hunting exam, and the additional exam can only be taken by Hungarian residents. The VAV test can be taken by any MA (with pedigree or registration papers). So if you wish to try hunting with your MA in Hungary, the dog can take the artificial VAV test with you (its foreign owner), or the live hare VAV test with a Hungarian leader who is authorized to do so (has all the necessary exams). At a hunt, the dog needs to be led by an authorized person, but of course the owner can accompany him/her.

    Wonder why they left January out of the season though. 😕

  3. 8 hours ago, mhopton said:

    My pup ted 13 months old and taking everything in his stride is out for a month having pulled a dew claw the vets agreed to remove both,  so I decided to take my old boy blade out for a run with a strong wind blowing and short sharp showers the conditions were good, folks who know me and blade will know that there is absolutely no reason to tell fibs about how good blade is he’s proven end off , we’ll he’s 9 1/2 years young and going strong anyway to the point’ we landed on the permission at 10 and had five minutes chill then off we went back up towards the village entrance to where I often start , the first field is rather small and overlooking a very steep hill side with a pig netting fence separating us from a nasty drop but don’t be fooled this field holds Moro rabbits than some see all year anyway first shine blade takes 1 then 2 and 3 straight off there seat at no surprise that’s he’s traid mark within 10 minutes of standing in the same spot he had taken 11 rabbits all retrieved apart from one he let go off before I got hold , he’s a sporting dog and don’t like catching same one twice (no one perfect) then my nightmare began over the other side of the quarry not 500 yrds to look but half hour walk a lamp shining round my returning route so got my phone out to ring the farmer and then there was another lamp but this time on the side I was in so rang up and was told no only you up tonight then his lights came on and he was away after them I lamped the other one up but they were away like a shot leaving tbere potlickers In the field amongst the sheep wtf only returning five minutes later for it but leaving gate open and away again and a phone call from the farmer saying sorry for this they are away but you are on your own and should not be confronting anyone who is on without permission day or night we’ll it’s nice to know he cares about me I’m no hard man and never thought to be but it’s sickening and disappointing to me and it’s the same for all you legitimate dog men and women it’s getting to the point where I’m thinking about packing in but it’s not fair on the dogs they absolutely love it I’ve got a mate from Scotland who comes once or twice a year and after missing out with covid last year the year before we took over a 100 rabbits between 2 dogs in one night but still this early into the season I’ve never been so disappointed just hope you all have better luck with your season and who ever you are don’t worry I’ll get ye 

    atvb mark

    Sorry your night was spoiled pal but when they ban dogwork altogether you'll need to poach too or give up. The way you started in I thought they must have twatted you or stole your dog, run you down or robbed the farm or something.

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  4. Bottom left and bottom right look like the same pup, even down to the mark on the back toe. I wonder how they did that??????

    Most of these jungle builds are fakes anyway. On the bigger ones you can often spot machinery tracks if you look carefully.

  5. Maybe  they'll lose popularity as pets if they sing. My neighbouring farm here has a few harrier types that they run with the local foot pack. When I'm walking my dogs in the the morning they (the neighbors pack) start to sing soon after daybreak. Woo oo oo woo woo. 

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  6. 2 hours ago, Ferretman65 said:

    But the greyhounds Lads have a right to there way too they don't want to put muzzles on the dogs it's law makes them do it as you say each to there own all the best 👍 

    They should never have started with the muzzle thing. It's a stupid and cruel idea. If a hare is caught the most humane end is for it to be killed promptly by the hound.

    Park coursing is not to my taste either. Hares are used to being chased by predators but being boxed up and moved creates prolonged stress and in my personal opinion is only justified for restocking a suitable area. Park coursing will most likely be banned sooner rather than later.

    In reply to Sandy's point, I can see how you might think that but in truth, many irish hare populations have evolved in farmland and if they've been run regularly you might be surprised how well they do run.

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  7. 21 minutes ago, OldPhil said:

    Yeah, its incredible,.. the current price of Lurchers...🤔 

    My old mate recently had a result, and him (and Mike The Dog) travelled North to buy a pair of Blue Whippet pups..

    I received this photo the other evening, and it looks as though they have both bought nice sensible rabbiting jukels...

    To be truthful, I am really envious, but know in my heart of hearts that a genuine working dog would be wasted on me...🙄

    Its no matter, I can still enjoy the sight of a 12 week old whelp,...moving forwards and starting to twig on...🙏



    Nice strong looking pup that.

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  8. 1 hour ago, Ferretman65 said:

    Summer hunting it's always bee Done mate specially shooting lad's me personally just do a bit off snareing this time off year them boy's out lamping with lurchers god help there dogs in these hot nights and specially hard ground But.as I said before each to there own 

    It's pissing down here ATM and supposed to rain off and on for the next week so if the ground does soften I'll show my young dog a few rabbits before they all get myxi or rvhd. I'm a bit limited as I won't take him where the electric fences are 'til the cattle are in for winter but I know a few silage fields where the fences are off and if I plan my approach with the wind direction I should manage to get him a run or two.

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  9. I agree with Bangers about walking away. Would also try her with a cold pigeon in a sock or womans nylon stocking. I haven't done it but remember old gundog books recommending it to keep the loose feathers from bothering the dog.

  10. 6 minutes ago, Gene said:

    Must make two lad, don't get much kip me mate, that's what work does to you.

    I couldn't resist replying to Levis post, talking about measuring speeds with lurchers and what not.

    Most lads with runners can't even tell you what cross they're running let alone using range finders and stopwatches. 😂

    I buried an old bitch I had PTS earlier today.Had a couple of beers and a bit of sleep but i'll take the others out for an hour once it's properly light. I do that every morning then the days free for other things.

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