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  1. Lew

    Out Today

    Sorry mate but them wooden things the hounds are sleeping in are terrible, think of the draft coming through that fence and the chill they get on them, I know they've been out that day but there's no sparkle or fire in any of there eyes You will get more out them animals with better conditions i like your posts by the way
  2. Put your hand under the bitch and keep her back end proped up an soon as the dog is on her and in push his back end in and keep him locked in and he will be tied in seconds
  3. Look at the state of that for a stud dog, looks like weedy bitch
  4. Bollox! there not even that bad! You hear of one or two bad stories but on the whole most the farms we go on the farmers don't mind having them about the place, keepers moan but that's the only thing there good at, if they take a bird or 2 whoop dye do, i love seeing them released after digging them shooting them is a waste of a animal up the fox haha
  5. The man was sat on the earth with us he had 2 dogs with his initials on them, he had about 20 odd lads in a waiting list for pups at 300 a piece so they must be getting about the place just edited to say your right I shouldn't of brought the mans name up on this patterdale thread, I bit when you Irish boys made sly remarks on the mans choc bitch, all dogs fail don't they fat man
  6. They all loose abit of desire in old age they haven't got the ass they once did as younger terriers they just hope experience will see them home, sometimes it don't! I thought a lot of Irish would make smart replies with there dead hard cocker dogs, man himself said if a dog lets out its scared of quarry haha forgets we never dug a thing with his dogs all day and that's what a lot of you Irish lads are kenneling
  7. You can see the Stevens type in them like, there tidy things.
  8. Tidy them rabbit hunter what bloods in them mate
  9. That pup on the end with white toes is a beauty AT
  10. I've started nothing better going to bed knowing your out with the dogs in the morning, makes life worth living
  11. get as much fat into them as you can, chicken mince is alright for adult dogs but very little fat in it for pups.
  12. What part of the country are you mate?
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