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  1. pure shit is [bANNED TEXT] day r dem eliot dogs got ran outa of it on fen in uk no wind in em.
  2. aint ya a sily cant u wanker if ya up for a boxin fitht i take ya own ya cant ya got da rong man ya fagot i av a scor to setel wit dat elito cant too
  3. awigth boys cusin got pup ere meant to cum with p elliot from irland breed in it. good dogs or not? ta.
  4. cok fighting and nuckle boxin naw d cosin matches r finish 4 me, hav a fight comin up wit a man dats sed a bad word to me family.
  5. awight, wonda any nice copers like dis below now.
  6. put dat in but did not come up cindy rong 1 as dohertys moly waz a black and tan bitch 00 to 04. any clip lads?
  7. awite boys. any 1 got anie clip of bitch runing? unbeten 2000 to 2004? blak tan bitch.
  8. not takin piss, it was ma buvs name he gon bakl 2 ireland. i am now on here. sory 4 d bad speling. nice ta se a few travling lads. got wife to do c abot travelrs on here, she seen u can do pol on here. she help me a bit. any u lads av cosin dogs av a bich here clad dot doin d biz.
  9. awite. i am a traveler on a site in essex and move about an all dat have me som cosin dogs good mach bithes one a bit o mony on dem. so ho is a traveler on er den and proud of it?
  10. its our way of life init u setled folk will neva undrstand of cosin naw free to get 1 4 d pot.
  11. how much for da bitch, give ya £500. not joking am interested in da bitch
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