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  1. tramy

    fao Bill and Trev doxhope deerhound

    Booootiful matey, lets hope we get plenty of work for her
  2. tramy

    Just booked my pup

    All the best with your new pup
  3. Ive got some muck boots, cant complain there a good boot and cheap too
  4. tramy

    Selling Up 2 Dogs For Sale

    Nice bitch that
  5. tramy

    coursing tattoos

    Thats smart as fook that, great colours!
  6. i use drontal or panucur, they do the trick, 8 weeks and 12 weeks then every three months
  7. tramy

    Puppy 2nd injection

    I normally wait a week or so
  8. tramy

    New kennels ,just finished

    Very smart them mate, well done!
  9. Cracking healthy looking pups, nice bitch too, great photos. Well done and good luck with your pups
  10. tramy

    advice needed

    As said get a heat lamp mate
  11. Red Mills Racer, dogs love it and they look well on it
  12. tramy


    Cracking looking dog that
  13. tramy

    new springer pup

    coming on nicely mate
  14. tramy

    Best option for kennel bedding?

    i use shredded cardboard, its cheap enough and lasts along time