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  1. what height are sire and dam?? what work they doing? be interested in the bitch but she must have a bold nature but be reserved and relaxed. let me know
  2. COME ON!!! try me with offers swaps and so on!!
  3. I like her alot, what age is she? She looks like a fine specimen and your obviously happy with her
  4. Gone Hunting like that pup alot, keep us informed how the mature, well done on the mating spiderpig
  5. PRICE DROPPED TO £45!! Or will do Swaps, fed up of messers this will be a cheap one for someone, in all fairness can't find the printers name so will take this as a reprint, still a fair price I think!! If not tell me how much it will be worth
  6. have you got pics of the pup, dam and sire? height tts etc, how much would you be lookin and where abouts are you?

  7. looks a nice lil' pack and all of them working to a true quarry, white dog looks a belter, be welcome here anytime
  8. like the pup alot, what height has he made. Well done and keep at it
  9. haha this site makes me laugh, get off the lads back only asking how his litter is getting on, most breeders don't give a toss as they only want to see the £££ when the pups are 8weeks old, fair play to you Spiderpig, would be nice for some feed back on the litter, that dog looks like a right lump good luck with him in the future. PS Give them kennels a clean, get some air fresheners about the place and please buy big pink bowls to feed the dogs, oh I nearly forgot where is the dogs big fluffy bed... Keep at it and keep hunting rats and rabbits!! LowLow
  10. I wouldn't touch it mate, dog would be better left alone, too many faults,doesn't want to retrieve and it sounds like its of nervy disposition, so many collie types are A few good dogs come up for sale on here, or ask about what you after mate
  11. very interested in her, whats her temp like with others, is she a quiet dog,within the kennel.thanks
  12. this book has not been sold, it say 1985 inside the book and the book was done by fieldfare. Book is in the best of condition, remember swaps/deals are invited, if genuinely interested get your pm's in. alot of interest with the book just no-one has stumped up the money, will respond to pm's in the morning, first come first serve
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