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  1. What the f**k did I just listen to?! What a load of shite.
  2. Harnesses have they’re uses IMO but not for everyday use, I’ve seen many a dog escape them and do a runner.
  3. Ffs give the guy a break, he is selling his dogs as he is going to jail, does it matter when??!!
  4. Sounds abit odd to me you bloody theif lol! I wouldn't have said it were illegal
  5. If you were alot closer fella i would have offered to take the pair of yous out but your 3 hours bloody drive away!!! Abit of petrol money required lol!
  6. Really nice bitch you have there atuddy, what was she like speed and stamina wise and was she easy to train?
  7. I actually agree with your post this time, something constructive.
  8. Ok as i said in my post he was off his food and had the runs,i should have waited a few days before i took the pics,then all replys would have been positive Then him looking a tad underweight is understandable, keep us posted on his progress, looks lik he will be a bigun!
  9. Look alaunt i wasn't haveing ago and i know it sounded like that last night but it was a long day! I think he is a smart pup and strong looking but i think he needs a tad more weight on, only my opinion, he most probably looks different in the flesh. Anyway good luck with him in the future!
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