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  1. Doc, feel free to come hunt with the culls. I can asure you they are not trained on coons in a trash can pal. 4 coons today, with only using one dog. My culls must be doing somthing right. Tim
  2. Dan, you are by far the most two faced punk mother f****r I have ever seen. By the way this is Tim7581, the one your butt buddy kicked off the board. You talk a alot of shit pal, but when it comes down to it your a ass kissin son of a bitch. Go back to blowing Vargy. Only this time put on that pink dress you want to wear so bad. Maybe if your lucky he might just give you a reach around. You got a lot of balls calling someone a fag huh? Thats funny coming from a guy such as yourself that believes it aint gay unless your balls touch. Doc, you are just a jack of all trades and a master at none aint ya? Only thing is you talk shit more than most, but it is always over a computer screen. I tell you what. I will take Mosbys spot, come kick my ass tuff guy. Tim
  3. There ya go, problem solved. But I would like to mention again, that was a one minute video. She had it killed not 30 seconds after the video shut off. HH, feel free to stay in touch. My e-mail is Timmy121204@yahoo.com Tim
  4. She is one tuff bitch that gets the job done quick and with ease. She will go to ground no problem at all. There are some spots that are hard on her to get into but for the most part she does well. This pup is coming along nicely. As far as me stepping into end things quickly, this is only a one minute video. She shuts them down so quick there is no need for any help. Believe me, I have had a bunch of holes in these boots from helping from time to time. If she if fact needed the help, I am there to give her help. As you can see she handles them fine on her own. When it comes to the antis, I do nothing here illegal. I do not post pics or videos often. I just thought I would share a little on these dogs. I welcome ASPCA, PETA, or any other anti organization with open arms. Thanks for the comments guys. Tim
  5. Well, I dont get to get on here very often but I thought I would add short video of my 6 year old sons pup and my bitch on a coon that the pup located in a old beaver den. The pup is 8 mothns old now and well on his way. He has been on 4 coons now with the female. Tim
  6. You guys are f*****g crazy! A little less bitching and a lot more hunting, dont you agree?? I think I will just stick to Jagds! . Tim
  7. Thanks, I am glad to be here. Tim
  8. I use them on coons, fox, and GH. They will go after just about anything with hair. My male is smaller than my female, he is about the same size as a pat. My female is just a tad bit bigger. Tim
  9. Here is a pic of my two Jagds. My female is on the left and my male is on the right. This is the only pic I have of them. The other pics I have are them on game. They were younger in this pic, but not much has changed about them.
  10. Hello all, My name is Tim and I am from the US, Indiana. I have hunted with dogs since I was a kid. I used to run coons with hounds and when my last two hounds died I hung it up for a while. Now I am back to hunting with dogs, only this time I hunt with terriers. I have two jagds male and female. They are just a bit over a year old. I hunt barns, brush piles, old homes and free cast them from time to time. I will add pics when I get the chance. It is great to be here and I hope I learn alot more. Tim
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