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  1. As posted theres a few websites dotted around also take a look on the urban explorers page 28 days later https://www.28dayslater.co.uk/ theres a whole section on there and also may interest as well some of the old pill boxes that are dotted around http://www.pillbox-study-group.org.uk/gazeteer/home-front-defence-sites/england/hampshire/hazeley-heath-tank-testing-ramp/
  2. Hopefully there found as mentioned a live trap or just wandering around you can pick them up all the strays ive dealt with over the years have just been picked up by people out walking or been grabbed in there gardens. if they can pick them up. depends on the area surrey may be worth searching ferret rescue surrey they may know of some missing in the area i can also share my clubs page hants and berks ferret club as we have contacts with people over surrey way.
  3. Its not a chrome plating company but Acorn plating may be able point in the right direction of somebody locally, there in sandhurst. ran by a mate of mine https://www.acornplating.com/
  4. Yep Have to agree with you there lived in basingstoke about 12 years now tried olivers and must admit did,nt live up to the hype . We use the one,s in popley or others around basingstoke. Must admit Squires in Braunton, devon are some of the best chips etc Ive tried. We stayed down there for 5 day in a campsite about 10 mins walk from town ate there the first night and was that impressed we dined every evening apart from one in here http://www.squiresfishrestaurant.co.uk/.
  5. A local one for me being only 25 minutes away. And we,r back once again doing the ferret racing and promoting ferrets https://www.highclerecountryshow.co.uk/
  6. Could be worth a trip out there when Im looking to stock up , Im not a million miles away in basingstoke
  7. What do you call a prostitute with no arms or legs CASH AND CARRY
  8. Never ending story Beast master Big trouble in little china Goonies police academys And a bit older viewing Aliens and Porkys(still crack me's up)
  9. Amazing to hear pipes being played either traditional tunes or modern songs. Tail end of last year I finally managed to see red hot chilli pipers play live after many years of listening to there stuff. They even had a local school pipe band come along to get involved and wow. Also had the pleasure of seeing a scotish rock folk band Soar patrol who use pipes as well.
  10. Once stepped out the front of the house one summers evening, as sparrow hawk came flying out of the tree in a garden opposite down the alley. I must have startled it or it hit the railings opposite. And as it stopped it dropped the starling it had just grabbed from the tree and buggered off. Amazing site and not what I expect to see in the middle of housing estate in basingstoke.
  11. Good video and looked a great day for despite some hiccups. Did the ferret come out in the end
  12. As mentioned could be abscess or it could be swollen lymph glands which are roughly the same position all be it a bit lower but you never know another option, obviously a vet will be able to tell better abscess they tend to stick a needle in and see if anything comes out. Ive got a 7 year old currently and his glands are up and down like a yoyo.
  13. Anybody else attend, Ive been going for the last 17 years in the countryside area providing ferret racing and generally promoting ferrets and there welfare
  14. Paul of Avon valley ferrets makes some good boxes as well https://avonvalleyferrets.vpweb.co.uk/The-Working-Ferret.html
  15. Well that could be the case but you never know, I dropped in lucky a 3 years ago was at country show doing ferret racing got talking to the chap doing the hurdle making he was flogging his finders and collars and all wanted was 40 quid, I bit his arm off, 2 mark 1's with 3 collars and a Mark 3 with one collar
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