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  1. I have had it 4 weeks now so fingers crossed
  2. Yea it is a late last years bird, so hopefully It will start thanks for the information
  3. It tried to put a video up but it want let me for some reason
  4. It does tweet a lot in finch note but not singing
  5. Hi I have a goldfinch mule just wondering if anyone could tell me if it is a cock or hen
  6. both look crackers lads let me know how they get on
  7. you little rat hows them curs u keepin lad......and ur terriers are shiiiitttt

  8. now he shaping up mate looking more like his old man everytime i see him .he a cracker
  9. D B S


    he is shaping up now phil fairplay 2 you mate
  10. 27 tts lads he is coming nice lew he may go the size of his old man now
  11. they looking well pal fair play mate .
  12. they are looking beautys wayne fair play. should have no trouble shifting them two. seen phils yesterday he is a smart pup he is going to be a big dog and jordans is the same
  13. alright pal what yoy up to then

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