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  1. The numbers were even but we all know Muslims can't fight with out bomb vests or guns
  2. Neil's daughter is on here zena2 send her a pm
  3. There not british by the way
  4. DD didn't you put a dog of yours over a bitch called wispa? Did u keep a pup an how did it turn out
  5. I live in llanfyllin gnasher there's some good views about ther mate
  6. I've got two dog pups here that go back to raven pip an chaz ther 14 months now the one has just started an that got no reverse but started off very well
  7. It's going to be a good show hope a few people turn up to support us
  8. ben89

    At Last :)

    Congratulations Lukey mate hope mother an little one are ok
  9. We don't mind travelling if u don't mind helping us out abut we're new to sea fishing an don't really no wat were doing?
  10. We tried borth an ynyslas but had no joy but anywhere you can recommend ill try an any tips would b good? Cheers
  11. Cheers for that mate il have a go an see how I get on
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