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  1. hi there can you please send me the details of your hunting holiday

  2. Trichinella The FSA has introduced voluntary Trichinella testing of feral wild boar as part of its UK monitoring scheme. This involves hunters sampling any feral wild boar that has been shot and sending the sample to an appropriate laboratory for testing. The Agency will pay for the sampling kit, the cost of posting the sample together with the cost of the testing. To take part in the scheme please telephone: 0207 276 8377 or e-mail: WildGameGuidance@foodstandards.gsi.gov.uk. 1 October 2008 version 8 Regulation (EC) 854/2004 requires Member States to carry out Trichinella testing on
  3. Dave As has been suggested - slacken off the locking ring and adjust the ocular housing until the cross hairs are crisp for YOUR eyesight. Best way of achieving this (you have already discovered that the eye starts to compensate) is by pointing the unloaded rifle up into a clear patch of sky. With no image to distract you, adjust until the cross hairs are clear. Tighten the lock ring. This should do the trick. If you are still unable to focus, then we are now at the stage of having to adjust parallax. Not so easy on a low mag scope. BTW - the rings should not be done up so
  4. Folks - the best part of a year later and it looks like a goer. There has been a pause while my mate tried to import a pack of Oz pig dogs - to add to his three Dogo Argentino. That little scheme went horribly wrong - the law suits are flying as we speak. Suffice to say that the ground is still leaping with pork and the Dogos are working well. I have just had a week there, and took the opportunity to help get a young boar out from the breeding pen where he had taken up residence. Mouflon lambs are not the best thing to have sharing with a Wild Boar! http://s2.photobucket.com/albums
  5. Mate Hunting with Sanctuary consists of Boar being released from one pen - into a pen where the hunters are lined out. Dogs will drive them back and forward infront of the guns , until the required number of carcasses is on the ground? Hunting? Nah, not in my book - shooting pigs in a pen. In fairness this is laid out clearly in the website. Each to their own. Rgds Ian
  6. Can't believe that DS is writing in English and there are still folks needing a translation. Anyhow - here goes. DS knows a bloke who is looking for an entrance to Agricultural or Gamekeeping work. Can anyone make a suggestion that may be of help? Please. As to the bloke himself - he has passed the Commando Course and worn a Green beret for the last twelve years. He is probably not a quitter, can think for himself and work on his own! All clear now? Rgds Ian
  7. Just that matey - it's a recommendation NOT the law! I have Boar on my FAC - but am pretty sure that if you have the standard 'shooting of animals for the protection of other animals or humans' on your ticket, there is not a court in the land that would convict you for shooting outside your conditions. Rgds Ian
  8. Hi Folks. Just back from a couple weeks out on the ground. Pretty much ready to start putting something together - will try and pm all who have expressed interest with an idea of costs and options. Hopefully by the end of the week! rgds Ian
  9. Ricky-N.p.p - empty your mail box - can't get detail across to ya! Rgds Ian
  10. Yerrah! The CCI 'CB Longs' get my vote as making less noise than most air rifles - whilst feeding in my b/a with no probs. Trajectory like a golfball however, so as has been suggested - sort out your drops. Ideal garden round - and at FAC air levels. Does beg the question - why bother with air rifles unless for inside building work? Rgds Ian
  11. Where in the UK are you located Steve? Makes a bit of a difference! Rgds Ian
  12. Mate - we went last weekend..... it was awesome!! Nah, not really! Still getting numbers together but its looking as though there is enough interest to get this working. PMs with initial info going out in the next day or two. Keep well! Ian
  13. Folks, the SW Branch of the BDS has organised a Range Day at Broadhembury nr Collumpton on Saturday 26 May 2007. Range opens at 0900hrs, bring your own refreshments and practice your shooting skills or take advantage of our fully qualified range coach. We shall also run the annual Branch Shooting Match for BDS members - the winner taking a fine piece of silver away. Runner up prizes subject to entries and a fun raffle. All welcome to shoot - .17 upwards. Zeroing + DSC practice shoot, majority of shooting at 100yds - range goes back to 300. Further details from the Training Office
  14. OK - any Brits/Euros out there who would be interested in sticking Wild Boar - in a convenient country where it is legal? A good friend has a pack of pig dogs, thick horrible bush, rocky hills and muddy swamplands...... a large knife and a sense of humour. Excellent accomodation, cheap flights and the chance for the sort of long weekend break that you will remember for ever. Costs (v. reasonable) still to be sorted - but at the moment I'm chasing numbers to see if this will work. PM me please with your user name - will contact you with details. Rgds Ian
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