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    Roe Head

    Nice job Rich..
  2. Had a chat with my mate yesterday and he said did i want to go stalking in the morning , i said weather looks good so be at mine by just after 4.00 am. What a morning a joy to be out so early, first field we came to 3 Roe 1 Buck Mike took careful aim and waited until a safe shot was on, the Buck done him a favour by running a bit closer and stopped 85 yards away and it was grassed with a neck shot , We then went on to another bit of my permission where we walked straight in on a feeding Buck and another perfect neck shot . After seeing 15 or so Bucks and does we called it a morning and as we got back to my Truck we came across this little new born Roe Fawn in the long grass and that made it all worth getting up early for , big thanks to Mike for culling a few Bucks for me i think i have taught him well as he don't seem to miss a Deer now adays lol.
  3. Had a great weekend saw plenty of Roe Bucks missed a couple but had a lot of fun and laughter lost a fair bit of sleep with early morning stalks but everything went well , Steve did have to grab 40 winks lol.

    First Roe Buck For Richard.

    Tim your such a good teacher I taught Richard everything you ever shown me. LMFAO

    First Roe Buck For Richard.

    Cheers for the comments Tim here's Richards reply from another Forum........ A first roebuck, massive thanks to Owen Goff for the invite, here is a guy who really knows his ground, I learnt more in a few hours with him than in tens years looking a you tube

    First Roe Buck For Richard.

    4 months and still waiting Rich
  7. I invited Richard over from Wales to have a stalk with me as he has a rifle and nowhere to to shoot ,I met him several months ago down Exeter where he was unsuccessful with a Fallow stalk.He has never shot Roe before so I took him to a spot where I thought there would be a chance of a shot, after sitting it out for an hour or two nothing showed , I said I would have a drive around to try to find him a Buck I started the Truck and Sod's law a Buck walked into our field Richard took carefull aim as the Buck was a safe shot .I was surprised to see the Buck drop with a perfect neck shot from 160 yards what a shot, after Richard had stopped shaking with I think we call it after Buck fever he smiled for an hour or so,I gave him the carcase to take home with him out again tomorrow at first light.
  8. Hi Owen how  tricks .My phone is f****d mate so couldn't answer it the other day .Still waiting for new one 🤧

    Have you appealed your firearms yet?,

    Pm only mare til I get new phone 



      Hi  Tim hows tricks , i have put in for my tickets again but not got a reply as yet my cheque was cashed on the 22nd January so i dont know how long it it will take for an answer, i have joined the BASC again and have spoken to the Firearms chap there he has told me if Avon/Somerset refuse me they would look at it and see if they can help. I am still doing alot of Shooting /Stalking with others just to keep all my perms not the same though as i am depedant on them cant go when i want to only when they are free, still better than nothing......

    2. foxdropper


      Glad to hear you are still at it mate and best of luck with the application .


    Good morning

    Nice going Rich .

    A good cull animal

    No not yet Rich still waiting.

    A good cull animal

    Up early this morning to go Fallow stalking after 3/4 hours drive i met up with steve , the only trouble was it was wet and misty every where we went. We finally got to some lower ground and the mist had lifted quite abit and we soon spotted a Fallow pricket and a few Does among some Bracken and Gorse,Steve took out his newly aquired Quad sticks which by the way they have five legs lol but steve likes them the pricket was the easier shot so steve got sorted and the pricket dropped with a well aimed neck shot not bad seeing it was steves first shot off his five legged quad sticks the pricked dropped at 170 yards .That was the easy part we then had to go to the farm for the quad bike which by the way that has got four wheels lol and back for the extraction, after climbing through wire thorns bracken and fallen trees steve finally found here Deer and was trying to drag it back to me it only took him one and a half hours i was getting bored waiting .We finally got to gralloch the pricket only to find it had and antler broken and was blind in one eye and i am sure as i can be it was caused by a shot gun as there are a few small hole on the animals neck aswell so it was a good cull beast .

    Down to the dog ....

    Nice going Rich , i see your still managing to struggle out and about..
  13. My Bedlington Terrier finds lost Deer and has never been trained to do it.