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  1. Hi my daughter has just lost her Boder terrier and that has left her old dog on his own so looking for a Border Bitch puppy if there is any about give me a shout please...
  2. Hear is an update on my new Beddy pup Bella ,she is now just over 4 months old and has never put a foot wrong from day one walks to heal off the lead, sits when told and will retrieve anything she can carry.She is very easy to train got things off to a tee in just a few days training very loving and full of fun got the Beddy trate though of selective hearing but thats the Breed i have a couple of pics to add she is Rabbit mad loves to shake the dead ones and if Morton sees this post the pics are for you as you say KC Registered dogs aint worth a shite well my little pup has turned out great up
  3. Thanks darbo yes had one for 13 years never put a step wrong done everything i asked of her and be it i might of had to ask once or twice before she heard me lol but thats Beddys.This one is going to be a stronger pup already she wont back down and is showing alot of spirit think she will do fine..
  4. My new KC registered Bedlington pup now named Bella is 12 weeks old and showing a healthy interest in Rabbits and anything that moves , comes to the whistle, house trained,sits on command,and has gone through the night with out noise from day one.
  5. Just got papers through for new pup changed ownership with the KENNEL CLUB and if Morton knows so much if he wants to know her breeding just ask , and I will fill him with the same Bullshite as he does to everyone else I see him post about on this Forum.
  6. Morton you believe yourself that you are the worlds top authority on Bedlington Terriers and such like can you please answer a question for me , Why are you such a PRICK!!
  7. FOXDROPPER you were right Morton thinks he knows it all LMFAO !!
  8. New pup is coming on a treat no mess indoors from day one and sleeps all night no noice from day one and retreive to hand 9 out of 10 times think she is going to be ok.
  9. Here is a couple of pics of the new pup for those of you who asked me to put some pics up and no doubt for Morton to flap his gums about!!
  10. And there Moron there I rest my case sorry Morton,,,,
  11. Like I said just flapping your gums Morton and thank god its bedlingtons you breed and nor more babies with your bloodline.
  12. Here we go again then I suggest you get walking Morton as I have numerous accounts and witnesses to back my dogs and what I say up, all you have is you that keep flapping your gums .
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