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  1. Hello Lads, im after some advice please. I have a Patterdale with a itchy back, i have been to the vets three times and im tols theres no mites/fleas on her, He says its an allergy, shes scratting like mad and cant settle. anyone had a similair problem? Bathed her, wormed her, drontal frontline etc, Help appreciated
  2. Its each to their own i know, but i love ratting, that game does get the blood pumping. Great photos as well,
  3. They were right little dogs them, you wouldnt give him £20 for the pair if youd never seen them work would you. This ought to be on our telly, after foxwatch. heheh
  4. I`ll make no bones about it, i admire you lads who dig to your dogs. Rabbits and Rats for me, i`m not up to that!!! Well done lads,well done.
  5. They love it more than me, all three get on great and work well together, no underground stuff though, thats for lads with more knowledge than me and better dogs.
  6. They deserve a chance,, i dont need a dog at my age that is brilliant at everything, just summat to get me out and about. Besides i couldnt afford one anyway these days, used to be £20 and a bag o conkers when i started out
  7. The photos below are all Dogs given to me, All three are good little Dogs in their own way, they suit my needs anyway, bit of Ratting/ Rabiting. But more to the point all three were on deaths row. They now have a good life and are walked daily. The little Black and white bitch is a brilliant allrounder, a white lakey i was told but having seen a staff/Russell on here earlier i`m not so sure. Any clues as to her parentage? now ive learnt how to post pics i`ll put some Ratting ones on. not bad for an owd fart.
  8. I have one, 18onth old bitch, maybe its her her age but she dont seem as clever as my 6yr old russell bitch , but far stronger and quicker, i only do rats and rabbits mind. never been to ground intentionally, but i know these two could finish what they started, tough little dogs
  9. Nasty little b*****ds!!!!! Ones killed a teddy bear!!!
  10. Hello Lads, i`m trying to put a photo of mine on but the message keeps saying, exceeded bytes,the file was too big to upload, what do i do to get one on? PLS dont slaughter me because i`m Techno daft!!
  11. the first reply thats made me laugh tnite, hehe
  12. Mate, that little dog is like mine, i would show you but it wont allow me to put photos on. My little un is into everything, ratting and rabbiting are my thing and shes perfect at it. What line is she because mines a bit dubious,?
  13. My little un, Bull x russell x lakey Cracking little dog.
  14. Raise my Glass to you, we had a few good days last year but nothing on that scale, well done mate and give them dogs a pat.
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