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  1. any body got any reviews on flying decoy
  2. shaggy

    Off Road Tyres

    will they fit on my ford ranger
  3. have you still got tyers im in leeds
  4. shaggy

    2 in 1 peak hat / balaclava

    ill have agreen one how do i psy
  5. just moved over to old farnley with girlfriend,am oridginaly from whinmoor top ov seacroft,whats that lurcher bred out ov?

    1. shaggy


      sorry ive not been on ror a while he is colie greyhound sulukie greyhound

  6. were abouts in leeds are you im in miggy

  7. shaggy

    shallow dig

    well done d ignor dickheads slagging you off good dog
  8. shaggy

    rating today

    good day and a good laugh was them crisps hunting iad was eating were they rat flaver sorry not going to pub but didnt feel too good
  9. shaggy

    stolen dogs form the leeds area

    Has anybody been offerd A blue and white wippet type lurcher and a black patterdale bitch. Because a friend of mine has had his dogs stolen from his kennle
  10. shaggy

    Thor X Sirous

    As anybody used this or is useing this lamp. I Would like any information you have. Is it any good Whats the battery life. Whats the weight. any iformation would be appretiated
  11. shaggy


    nice one cochees when did you get that
  12. shaggy

    Landrover Defender

    As you can see she's in excellant condition. With many extras such as. A Galvanised Chassis 2" Lifting kit, pollybush kit and brand new BF Good Ridgeall terrine tyres and lot's moore. She's got a good service history and lot's or receipt's a bargain at £8,500 o.n.o If your intrested please call Ste on Tel: 07895974206 or email stevenlastheatingandplumbing@yahoo.co.uk If you would like anymoor pics please email me and i would be glad to send them.
  13. ive done thousands with a good pair of scissors never over 4 days old
  14. i was gunner strip off but didnt have any sun tan lotion
  15. shaggy

    more pest control

    nice one dean when we going ratting