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  1. Very nice,i would love to get a brownie like that on a fly.
  2. Only heard about this on here myself. Must be an english thing lol.
  3. no ice just get it into ye,nice.

  4. Well all, Top gear on my motor has stoped working anyone know anything about theses? Its a mecury mariner,i have it a good few years.
  5. how did she deal with them?did she hold on did she get too ground in the big holes? very nice terrier lad.......
  6. Not to worry Tis it"ll fall off in a few more days.
  7. dixcy


    I get EDRD delivered monthly its a good read most of the time but it does repeat itself,with the same kind of stories. I get CMW for a change sometimes!
  8. Nutall terriers are wee small things,whats so great about them anyway?
  9. dixcy


    theres nothing like keeping in touch with yourself lol
  10. dixcy


    this sounds good. i think we have an experienced speaker here! im going to give it go lol.
  11. when planning a weekend hunting/shooting or whatever your into,lol?
  12. dixcy


    mine sounds more like her mother every day. but im sure i can beat out of her! lol
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