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  1. Looking forward to this show ,Does anyone know if the ferret man has any ferrets for sale ? Thanks
  2. Yes and has the marks to prove it, All our Whippets are working Whippets. Silver is a vetern of 7years old, has had one litter of 8 pups all sold in Northern Ireland, and hunting. If you dont beleive me they are working dogs ring the vets in Portadown, and ask how many times he has stitched her and the rest of them. She is not the best hunter of all 6 as she is getting older now.. Sandy is the the best. When she starts she finishes. She means business. She has left me and John with stitches, never mind herself. Goldie would be second best.and Sasha is fast. The young whippets are good learners too. Hope this answers your question. By the way,we also have 114 acres of land of which 16 acres of a wood to hunt on in Monaghan.and all our own. We are getting old now, our days are numbered at the hunting lark,Another 2 winters will probably do us.We are in Gods waiting room. But sure then we can turn our Whippets into show ponies and build up the Trophys to give us something to shine up when we are in the Nursing home. I t will keep us from fighting with each other. If you need any further information do not hestitate to contact me on this site. I will be only to willing to help you out if I can. Thank you for your Interest. Margaret Mc Stay Thank you for your Interest. Margaret what the hell sort of blue dog was John walking around the working whippet ring because it was not a whippet any one got a picture, Margaret stick a pic up a picture up for a bit of craick LOL
  3. pigsy

    Please Read

    If you sent it to his home go a head post his name and adress on here so if he changes his user name we still be aware who he is Agree with Matty Rouges gallery named and shamed /safe dealer gallery prehaps Have you informed the mods mate ? lets keep this post for all to see
  4. pigsy

    Please Read

    Sorry for the loss of your money Fran. I wonder Is there any way that that the mods might consider pining a topic were we can recommend sellers or post a naming and shaming the rip sellers and dick heads
  5. See bluebell you have simulated coursing winners I did not it realise was a draw can some confirm was it won by one dog and who won ? A great day as always at Moria thanks to all
  6. pigsy

    Which Fox Caller

    Going to spend a few quid on a fox caller at the gamefair I have been using the long type you grip in your mouth and blow but I thing I will get a electronic caller which do guys recomend
  7. pigsy

    Dug Out

    Had one bloke out with us he went for a shit one of the terrier men could here the sat nav sayin saving to favourites F##ker was savig it to come back Worse thing was we had no permission and he had is gun with him If he only new
  8. Looking towards getting the dogs out for a few hand slips prehaps a wee bit of bushing the terriers will be above ground here on in as the fox cubs and wee bunnies have started to show.
  9. Trying to find the NILRC facebook page can someone copy and paste the rules on here or post the link Please
  10. Why kc now for the whippet club is the wee black bitch you have been running as a whippet and wining about to hang it's nike airs up.?
  11. Martin a strong smell of bull shit fills the air Bazholly posts the entries at 9.45 am and posts again at 10.10 pm saying he was going to bed at which point did the laptop go down ? Forgot your dogs entry LOL
  12. pigsy


    Glad Bluebell does not post pics on here could not stand to look at her with her sunglass on in a pose.And to look her and Co on a night out WHERE IS DEREK LAVERTY with totally unbaised pictures I made the mistake of looking at the photo on face book OMG not a picture a of the the racing But what do we expect her dogs won sweet f**k all .Albert please consider a photographer that will stay on the right side of the camera for next year please.
  13. I agree with most on here that a veteran should be allowed in the final as Margaret says amounst the the greats provided it has proved it's worth in the field not spent the last 8years being paraded around like a show poodle, gamefairs in the summer and breed shows in the winter .A pup has no place in the final line up ridiculous .
  14. Fair play to the guys and girls who are willing to put the older dogs in to the open class And not harping on is THERE A VETERAN CLASS every time there is a show advertised.
  15. Bluebell we know what you and Margatet look like? Why do you feel the need to post photo after photo? Never met a photogaprer who spent as much time in front of the camera this is a dog fourim if we want to look at woman in a pose we go to another web site