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  1. bed/whippet..... yes who are you
  2. we got a pint after it was out and the depth in the end was 8ft so an average one for that area lol
  3. these pups are 8 month old and to me this is lucky or they're on a really good road to being something special they got 5 each on the lamp brilliant night!!
  4. we love to dig for the protection of them lovely game birds!!!!
  5. im in the Accrington area!! if people interested pm me please
  6. got pics of dam but sire is 35 mile away from me but il try get some pics sent
  7. Russell x springer spaniels for sale two dogs one bitch great for bushing £150 each ready new years eve
  8. Ha ha ha what a lot of time you lot have to chat SHIT on here get bk in ya corners this is a hunting site and this is the for sale section! TWATS!
  9. red bull terrier ?? has it got wings :hmm: Sure that STAFFY has a BLACK muzzle ! :boogy: :boogy: No but he can fly !!
  10. red bull terrier ?? has it got wings :hmm: Ha ha ha obviously a set of twats :boogy: :boogy: Collect yer coat on the way oot !!
  11. Red bull terrier dog with red nose and red eyes quite athletic build 16 month old (a very nice dog)! For sale for 250
  12. dont worry about me lad always put my missis n kids first! whats missus and kids got to do with posts on thl give your hea a wobble! he was sayin i was under the thumb with my missis about your dog thats y u thick c**t give your head a wobble then
  13. dont worry about me lad always put my missis n kids first! whats missus and kids got to do with posts on thl give your hea a wobble!
  14. not that I can put on here but I can send one to ya phone!
  15. What shit you on about mate? I have the worst neighbours a hunter could want if you know [bANNED TEXT] I mean so I'm selling up until I move!
  16. il do [bANNED TEXT] I choose don't need people commenting unless it's an enquiry about the dogs! Thanks
  17. Gis a ring if ya want mate 07714161721 I'm in accrington bud
  18. No pics mate got shit phone il get wife to try put one on he all black with a rough jacket very strong and a good head not done anything yet he only 9 month perfect to start doin tho,
  19. Black bull grey/saluki grey lurcher for sale 200 with trial he is 2 yrs old stands at 27" tts will do any thing want it to! Jumps and retreives. Reason for sale had enough of this shit for a while! Also a black patt x lakey for sale 9 months old he will make brilliant dog he's from brilliant local stock want 150 no less! Cheers
  20. ibought this from burnley about four year ago and cos i have the shitest memory in the world cant remember if the guy said he was from pocket rockets (powells) or its mum or dad was just called pocket rocket but let me tell you it exceeded all expectations and still does joball has it now and keeps the dog to its full potential so if it is from powells then i would recommend taking the chance of getting one
  21. season getting closer oooooh come on!!!!!!!!!

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