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  1. donedeal

    Digging in Ireland?

    kiss the pope lol
  2. donedeal

    what breed is this ?

    jagd x bull it says it on the top of the picture
  3. donedeal

    beach fishing

    lug and rag worms never lets me down most fish will take them
  4. donedeal

    new digging dog needed

    buy the best.........................feed the best................................hope for the best............
  5. looking for a tel no for donal croke the lad that transports dogs to england ,have to send pup to wales ,,,cheers
  6. donedeal

    the great pike escape

    funnyest thing ive seen for a long time:bye:
  7. donedeal

    bait for bass

    fresh crab,lug worm, seems to be the best here in ireland,tryed black lug,squid,rag worm never much look .sea fishing seems to be very quite last two years,
  8. donedeal

    illegal pike

    a good bang on the head with a priest wont go a miss give em a fair trial then hang em:bye:
  9. donedeal

    too much bull?????

    some man to draw a bull
  10. donedeal

    Once a year diggers?

    :same on the lurcher forums was looking the other day ,one lad in a picture with his dog and a dead hare, sun beating down t shirt and wait for it shoes,lol easy catching them with a belly full of young
  11. donedeal

    for the irish lads

    cheers lads ,
  12. any shows on this weekend around the south atb donedeal
  13. donedeal

    hunting ban marches

    was at one here in ireland very big turn out ,watch on you tube,,,,click rise waterford to watch,hunting with dogs not banned here, put they are trying atb donedeal
  14. donedeal

    a handy map of ireland

    very handy map used it a few times,very good for coast lines ,cheers donedeal
  15. has not set their status