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  1. Paul stretch was out of (Drenon's kelly aire / female) owed by Pete Cantrell a native bear and lion hunter that that Bob McCellen knows and (high country kelly /male) also owned by Bob McCellen that you know that is also a bear and lion hunter Ian
  2. Paul all the dogs that came back with me did good put the younger ones still need work I did do a few right ups for full cry you may have seen ,the best of the dogs is the large slick stretch he runs better and faster than the others and to me is the better size that I like that is not saying that the smaller one's are not good as I believe they both have there place, when I got back here I was asked by lots of people to do a breeding as people wanted to try them out which I did in total I did 5 breeding's (40 pups)which I placed in all different hunting places to give the Airedale its best chance but it did not work out people seemed to forget what the Airedale was and tried to put it into one job and that is not what the airedale is as it cant beat a dog that's been breed for that job only ,I know like you that since an Airedale came into my life I will never be without one till i'm gone ,I look back as breeding these pups as a total waist of time and dogs and have said I will not breed again to waist more dogs ,what you have said about the hairy bulldog is right people don't know where to place the airedale and the only terrier near to it is the wheaten which is why they think of a draw dog but the Airedale is far more than that ,in all of the dogs I breed there is only a few which I think the owners get the dog the best is the one person that has been talked of on here that is now a good friend of mine called martin ,until far more people get what benefits the Airedale can give the hunter to me there is no point in doing more as I have said before they have forgotten what they where breed for Ian
  3. PMuL Hi Paul good to know you are doing well where you are have you noticed any change in bear and lion numbers since they started up all that work there I did see on big game board there was somebody that posted a pic with a good size lion it made me wonder if that was you ?,as for me I am ok just have to go back every 6 months for check up but all ok in the last 2 1/2 years, I have not been posting anywhere with all my problems and have only just started to look on the boards I go to, where do you fish grayling I used to fish around fox creek and always did well take care Ian
  4. PMul good post about time somebody said what the airedale is as this is what it was breed for from the start a good alrounder one that when it got on hot scent would get you game and it could be used for all hunting everbody in the uk wants to put the airedale in a box where they know there is always a better dog for the job they dont see its use as a good alrounder where there is no another dog that i know would beat it for its alround use ,are you in alberta or bc just out of interest ?
  5. the airdale is used in a pack to be the one that would go in when others would not and to put more pressure on bears or lion to get it treed the one other thing the airdale adds to the pack is its brain .how do you think the dogs you have said would be as no stupid dog would last long and some could just run away when faced with big game coming at them also us breeders dont breed to say out of harms way they breed for brains which means going in when you will not get killed and working as a pack ,and if working with one when the one that can go in will (usualy `the one at the back of the game which will turn the game) you then want another dog that ends up at the back to go in it is this presure on the game that puts the presure on it to tree it but dont forget the game may not tree and go for the dogs
  6. just to let you know that i sent 4 redlines to ireland 2 slicks and 2 longcoats 3 of them a person on here should know about and i also know of 1 other that went out another longcoat that was from 4 wasted pups that i gave a minkhunting pack that never got worked ,the last 2 dogs you should look on the traditional working airedale website as the two owners have posted on there these are the only redlines i know of that went to ireland Ian
  7. only pics i have of my airedales all redline us bloodlines
  8. the traditional airedale and the redline are the same dogs long and short coated as both where found in the same litters but the short coated where never seen as they would be put down by the kc breeders as they only liked the long coated dogs even when the short coated omes are a better working coat ,the old working airedales from the past are still there in the us dogs as yhey came from the old english dogs and they have kept these dogs working in the us which are the redlines that are over here now ,and long and short coated can be in the same litter and can both hold the kc papers ,but not the ones that i breed here as i would not give out papers with pups as i did not want to see any of these dogs end up being used and breed for money and not there working ,the last thing i will say is that me or any airedale worker i know in the us all would ever mix there bloodline with show stock Ian
  9. stevemac they do not open up on a trail only when they get to game and i have never heard of one haveing problem on hogs from the guys that use them in the us they have a very good brain and use it, i am not sure weather any of the hunting aredales went out there by you but i can remember ( i think ) that frosty was offered a dog if he wanted to have it dont know what happened ?, you should go on to a couple of the us broards and ask them there about that type of hunting
  10. rc1 nice pics i was wondering how that breeding turned out the dogs i have all have henry johnsons dogs in them mostly from matts side as i think you know matt and henry are good friends
  11. unless they have changed the law there again within the last 4 years they still can not hunt coyote with dogs and i would be surprized if they did change it as i know when they brought out the new law i was the only person out there that was trying to fight it ,there was no backing from anybody as the only thing that the people there where interested in was shooting or bow hunting and it was only because of the fact that the shooters would shot the lion after the hounds had treed it and they had people willing to pay for it that they allowed them to still do it , the land there is not like here its very open and you would be very easily seen ,when i was there i was friendly with a lot of farmers as i did a lot of vermin control for them and i can tell you they made it clear to me what they would do to a dog if they saw anyone hunting on there land or there neighbours and that was just to shoot it with no warnings , if your friends are hunting coyote with dogs there i hope they dont get stoped or seen by a farmer ,any way i have told you what i know so thats it from me
  12. hunting with dogs is not legal in alberta if you was to try to run a lurcher there you will end up getting your dog shot by the farmers,the only dogs that you can hunt with are lion hounds all others have been banned for about the last 8-9 years every since a coyote hunter went on tv to show everyone how he hunted he did such a bad job that the government ended up by putting a total ban on dogs if you get and want to hunt with a lurcher you will have to travel west to the next province as they have no ban there,if you hunt in alberta and are stopped there are very heavy fines and inprisonment that you will have to look at ,with a big dog there there is no ware for you to hide as the dog will be out in the open there is also a helicopter that is out looking for you if you think you want to lamp at night its not like you are hunting a small terrier
  13. uphiildoc i know that a guy called frosty from australia had posted some pics of a airedale x bull x(i think it was greyhound) he was useing his dogs in the bush there on boar and he said that the airedale gave the dog a good nose and also good head and feet
  14. uphilldoc if you put the speed of the lurcher into a hound do you think you will get what you are hoping for ,i would not think that this cross would not be able to pick up the scent as well or trail as it will be moveing a lot faster Ian
  15. she's got a good head on her i think your right about her being the same as her dad ,i just did my 3 the large male that you saw here is 18 1/2 i told you he was going to be small the other male is 19 and the female is 19 1/2
  16. thats good i love the jagd,s but the 4 that i have had i could not hunt with the airedales or small terriers because as soon as they got on game they wanted to fight any dog that wanted in on the action so i got rid them as i dont want fighting with my dogs when out ,but if i could find one the was not a fighter i would be pleased to have one again i think that is why i am interested in this cross Ian
  17. erik i have liked the look of that cross ever since i first time i saw one on one of the u.s. airedale boards and i am interested to find out what it works like and what parts from both dogs do's it have
  18. they are to big to go to ground but pups i have breed are being used by diggers and also are working with hounds ,by bird hunters , and for blood trailing by keepers they are pretty much an all round dog that will do most things,i can only think that they ended being popular with hunters in the uk was when the show people got hold of them like a lot of the hunting dogs they started to be breed for looks and not hunting,these dogs from the u.s. have been hunted ever since they where first taken there by people from the uk and if it was not for the hunters there the airedale as far as hunting go's would have been lost forever i also want to say about boar hunting and the dogs i have breed, both male and female were breed useing the same male and that male was from high country airedales and both of the females were from matt thoms line dogs from both of these breeders are hunting boar
  19. skycat there martins dogs and there also from matt thom and the same line as my dogs martin hunts boar and other things out there and i thought he was also a member on here,martins and my dogs are the only working airedales from working lines in europe ,if you google redline airedale you will find martins website
  20. here are 2 of one dog and 2 ofthe other and the last is the 2 together these are the only two that i have at the house with me at the moment
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