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  1. chilling with tinys at min cant be arsed to get ready to go out x
  2. if fed plenty of birds and rabbits etc and sum straw and shavings in for bedding they make thier self the warmist of nests atb cairnsy
  3. wanted cub 90 engine running or not cash waiting thnks cairnsy
  4. wanted honda cub 90 engine runing or not cash wating

  5. i saw it it last night in s yorks around 9 dont no if it was same one but wo best ive ever seen
  6. I feed um late evening but if lMping a little mince whn a get in frm wrk but nt much.alalsYs told it nt gd for dog to run on a full stomach
  7. Does any 1 no of any decent litters of this cross avaible atb cairnsy
  8. take sum one else so thy can hold pup for ya pal
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