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    hi i'm looking to get a Lakeland x border terrier pup. anyone know of any or going to have any. In Scotland


  2. Lakeland x Border terrier Pup View Advert hi i'm looking to get a Lakeland x border terrier pup. anyone know of any or going to have any. In Scotland Advertiser pip2 Date 03/02/18 Price Category Working Terriers  
  3. pip2

    sim card

    I have got a quad band phone and get a full recption here at my house for a mobile reception but i cannot bring up o2 i have been told to try the o2ie as i have a full reception but its not for o2, vodafone, or orange.
  4. pip2

    sim card

    Where can i get an O2IE sim card as i live at The Mull of Kintyre and would like to know if i can purchase an o2ie sim over here. Any help and ifo would be appreciated boys. Thanks
  5. pip2

    agriculture jobs

    it can be sh#t pay but if u can put up with the long hours its fine ive been doing it for the last 25 years now a manager after doing all the cr#p the best bit of advice is get in with someone thats in the job and help him out as mutch as u can and more and dont moan about any shit job u may get
  6. pip2


    sold sold
  7. pip2

    tried a few earths today

    well done that man cos i cant get out for fecn snow here
  8. pip2


    fecken priceles
  9. pip2


    black rock bantams with wite sussex cockeral
  10. pip2

    lurcher pup

    just wondering if thers any lurcher foulk somewhare in scotland thats got pups or on way my mate said to try to get bull x its just for going round with me and terriers its got to be a bitch cos i dont keep dogs only bitches and yes i know this proably isnt the right place any info mutch apreceated thanks
  11. pip2

    Bull x pup

    thats a fine pup mate pity i wasent closer looking for a nice bitch to go out wiyh my terrorists atb
  12. pip2

    collars and leads?

    strong stuff all the way i even got him to make me a belt tremendus quality
  13. pip2

    bull pups.

    what u got how many bitch &dogs u got not mutch info mate
  14. pip2

    Final hunt for Fluwijntje

    Would you really take her,silent on a wounded fox for over an hour and still could not finish the job,then try draw it with tonges and another dog to train a young terrier,thats why people look down on terrier work,and every anti in the country reading this.f*****g AMATURES. and this is the truth!!!!!!!!! well said lads totaly agree