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  1. Collie greyhound x saluki greyhound lurcher pups View Advert Three lurcher pups for sale. One bitch and one dog pup. Due to go on the 5th september. Mother is 3/4 greyhound 1/4 collie. Direct out of Typp ratchers Arri. Father is saluki greyhound Big mush (Chipper) Mother 24" father 27" bred for myself. Bitch is brindle and white. Dog is Red and white.Good genuine forever homes only, buyer must be vouched for by another member. Thank you . £200. Advertiser tye Date
  2. Left hand theoben rapid 7 left hand stock, up for swaps for right hand stock with money your way. Good condition. Lancashire
  3. Has any body been to this show? It's on this sat and Sunday near Keswick cumbria? Lurcher and terrier classes are on the Sunday. Was thinking of going.
  4. Nice pup that pal, what size is it at the moment?
  5. Yea mate, think he only had one though
  6. Hi just wondering if anybody on here is running these dogs,if so I'd like to see some pics. ive got a pup out of typp's arri, she's 8 month old and she's doing really well so far.
  7. I don't know what make it is, but its a big industrial sized one, goes through anything. I feed the dogs raw chicken carcasses but thought it was different with rabbit. That whippet knows how to put them away.lol
  8. Cheers for that, heard before that you should freeze them first to kill the worms..
  9. Hi. I cook some of the rabbits that I get for the dogs and pull all the meat off for them. I have just bought an electric mincer and was wondering if any of you know wether you can feed dogs raw rabbit and if you can mince them whole and cook the mince with the bits of bone still in the mince, for the dogs??
  10. Does Anybody have any pics of the same cross?
  11. Alright. Cheers pal. Her mother is a full greyhound 25'' and her dad a half cross 24''.
  12. cheers mate. what size where the parents to yours? did it have much stamina?
  13. she's 3/4 greyhound,quater fell collie. cheers. what age do bitches usually stop growimg in height? only ever had dogs..
  14. few pics of my pup. she is six and half month old and 22 1/2" at the moment. how big do you think she'll make?
  15. its a labradoodle cross pal
  16. haha. il have to give that a try
  17. my pups coming on well now. her retrieving is ok,just hope she still does it when she's ready to go. spent a bit of ime stock breaking her today. how do you guys/girls go about stock breaking? heres a few pics
  18. heres mine 3 1/2 months now
  19. this is my bull x . he's an out and out rabbiting dog. he's not got bags of steam but at 75 lb weight and over 7 years old he does'nt do bad. I hope to breed him with my 3/4 bred collie greyhound in a few years if she comes good. this should bring the size and weight down. I think there is better crosses for rabbiting but he suits me fine. atb tye
  20. Cheers pal, she's 1/4 fell collie 3/4 greyhound
  21. the new pups settling in well. had her a week now,cant wait till shes been vaccinated then the training can begin..
  22. this is one that i built the other week as i needed a bigger hutch,with getting a couple of kits on. ive got a ramp going from one floor to the other with a panel that can block it up if neede to seperate the hob from the jills when in season. the hutch is now on legs which brings the bootom to about waist height to make it easier to clean out.
  23. I've heard that fitting bathroom Lino to the floor of the hutch works well as the shite will just brush off instead of sticking to wood. Plus you can easily wash it down. Maybe worth a try. Cheers tye.
  24. I also think it is the heat pal,as I have a two tier huch too, my hob is on his own in the top one and has not pulled any of the bedding out of his nest box but I have four jills at the bottom which have pulled all of the bedding out, I am thinking because they were too hot from the heat off each other plus the bedding, were the hob is on his own so just has the heat from the bedding, if this makes sense?
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