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    I'm currently doing some pest shooting in and around the oxfordshire area and was just wondering how others are getting on in and around the area?
  2. kmckechnie

    Bling It On Nitecore Srt7 Tactical Torch 960 Lumens

    I'm after a good gun mounted light for a hmr, what sort of range does the white light push out to because I need something that will push 300 yards + as it will also be getting used on a centre fire rifle as we'll.
  3. kmckechnie

    Old Berks Hunt Show

    Sunday the 19th of may at the hunt kennels
  4. kmckechnie

    stormer what breeding

    Has anyone got any pics of dogs which come from them lines?
  5. kmckechnie

    Patterdale Bitch Pup

    What do you want the terrier for?
  6. kmckechnie

    Foxes to ground..

    well said, i do alot of lamping so i do shot alot of foxes, this year i've only shot but i'm still seeing foxes that cant be shot at because its too un-safe. It just means that you will have to look harder to find the foxes and i know what its like because the ones i dont shoot i will hunt down with my terriers, it just makes it more of a challenge.
  7. Both Pups doing well, now 7 and half months. Doing well on rats, Cant wait to get them started on something bigger!!!
  8. kmckechnie

    Next Years Grafters

    they are both good dogs, the jack has seen charlie behind the fork but ended up tring to pull it out the hole so looks like he is more than keen to work. the patt bitch goes is very strong but small and goes mad on foxes i`ve shot and they both leave rabbit holes alone but will find earths.
  9. kmckechnie

    Locator Collars

    Does the deban mk3 collars work with the b&f locator box??
  10. kmckechnie

    Fox Cubs

    Has anyone come across any fox cubs yet????
  11. kmckechnie

    New Pups

    nice pups you have there are you going to work them when there up?got a patt bitch 11 month very similer to yours mines a bit smaller and got napolion complex bigstyle They have already been out rattin and a bit of digging. the jack already knows his job and will leave rabbit holes alone but its a different story when he finds an earth. they has seen dead foxes that i have shot that they pull to bits and out diggin all he wants is to be part of the action. so maybe sometime soon he will be good to go. The patterdale is a month behind him and is getting keener by the day but she is going to be alot stronger in the legs and jaw. they should both make the grade.
  12. kmckechnie

    New Pups

    Hello Our Puppies are now 6 Months old. Rocko is Parson Jack Russell Terrier From Stormer Lines, and Jazz Patterdale From Nuttall Lines.