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  1. Great piks of ferrets / dogs and love the way bunnies are spread out for photos
  2. Class pics.. great to see the young uns getting involved. Your daughter looks very laid back handling the catch lol.. mine used to play with pigeons feet pulling tendons to make it open and close and keep rabbits tails. enjoy it as much as you can as they grow up too quick
  3. Non ped whippet.. .... Names ruby... dave is an ongoing joke .... Them ears "are air brakes for a flying machine" i quote lol at air brakes.. seriously look at her stance and focus.. she will do you proud im sure mate.
  4. she / he will grow into them lugs Lol.. lovely looking pup
  5. Smashing looking dog.. can see the bond yous have, will do you proud im sure
  6. Ive had silver looses guards and go to BEW
  7. You will have more luck if you put this on the bushing dog and classified sections
  8. Had two nests in our garden this year.. one in house air brick, fettled that one with spray other one in greenhouse.. me and other half got multiple stings when tidying garden so had to get exterminator out.. nest was big, full and ready to hatch so would have been thousands. Fekin horrible things and this time of year are cracked up on rotten fruit so mental
  9. If im looking at the right photos one has white nails and other one black
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