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  1. p3rk87

    My Female Goshawk

    Well done mate good video and pics keep them coming she's a beaut
  2. p3rk87

    Who's Flying What

    I've got a young male Harris starting this year and a last year's gos
  3. p3rk87

    My Gos Have Bumped His Wing

    Thanks bullet
  4. p3rk87

    My Gos Have Bumped His Wing

    Cheers mate na what happened when I got him he was just come out of his moult so being a gos he was quite nervous and he was tethered down on his bow perch and baiting every time I was going to pick him up that's the only time I can think he must of done it thanks for the reply
  5. p3rk87

    My Gos Have Bumped His Wing

    Hi all just purchased my gos bout 3 weeks ago very pleased with him he's coming on very well but recently bumped his wing I wouldn't say he broken it as he is stretching his wings and moving them quite nicely but his left shoulder has dropped a little bit bout 1/4 -1/2 inch if that's make any sense I'm getting him booked in to the vets for the weekend but what I'm Trying to say as any one come across this before and is there any thing I can try to help him thanks
  6. p3rk87

    2 Albino Jill's For Sale

    We're are you mate
  7. p3rk87

    Ferret Collar

    im after a old style ferret collar and swop with a old type terrier collar South wales (grey nocker box )
  8. p3rk87

    Galvanised Panels

    I'm after 3x 1 m gate panels South Wales ta
  9. O ye it's a 15 footer can't upload pics but send your email or number and I'll send you some more than welcome to come and see it
  10. All in good condition /working order just need battery's in one collar £120
  11. p3rk87

    Air Rifle

  12. p3rk87

    Air Rifle

    Hi just purchased a cheap air gun and was told it was a bsa meteor there's no make on it but a serial number is there a web site I can use to put this number in, to identify the gun ta
  13. p3rk87

    Landrover Discovery

    N reg 300 tdi red tax and mot swop for van or small truck the boot door is sticking apart from the superb truck starts first time drives lovely
  14. p3rk87

    Blitz Head

    Any one want to swop a striker head for a blitz