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  1. Border Terrier


  2. Border Terrier

    Hi Everyone

    From the way hes posing it looks like cammo man has discovered the first downfall of being a superhero and that is theres no openings for bodily functions on an all in one body suit
  3. Border Terrier


    @ cammo man A good rule to abide by is would you lend money to this person and trust them to pay you it back? if the answer is no then dont lend them a dog.....or anything else come to think of it
  4. Border Terrier


    why carry an extra bit of kit around when you can do the same job or probably better with your bare hands? necking for me every time
  5. Border Terrier


    Get Botty Better Soon
  6. whos ashfoster? I think the breeders name was a womans name double barrelled if I remember right?
  7. found this today on epupz check the price of the bitches at the bottom of the ad lol
  8. Border Terrier


    Whats a VIRTUAL GREYHOUND? is that the type of dog owned by CYBER HUNTERS? If so I think you should get yourself one
  9. Why dont you call it a "chocolate pattadoodle" and put it on Epupz I think that will give you more chance of getting £350. Its a nice looking pup though, very cheeky face
  10. Border Terrier

    Threats to members..

    If its really upsetting you mark you could always put a post up saying your leaving at midnight tomorrow night infact why not be daring and go for 10 to midnight
  11. Border Terrier

    Threats to members..

    It would be a real shame if she was bullied off the forum by the mob mentality as she talks a lot of sense
  12. Border Terrier

    best avatar pic

    I bet she gets through a few t shirts in a day
  13. Border Terrier

    your biggest regrets

    Regret is just about things not panning out the way you want or hope them to and because it doesnt go your way you automatically start thinking I wish I hadnt done this, or I wish I had done that, because your brain starts working overtime thinking that if you had gone down a different path things might have turned out different. The best way to avoid regret is do what your gut tells you to do, even though it might not be the same thing your head or your heart are telling you to do. Gut instincts are a distant relic of times past when we relied on instinct to guide us through lifes dangerous twists and turns
  14. Border Terrier

    for the coursing lads

    long lost love child
  15. Border Terrier


    I know what you mean Brookie theres some real muppets who open their mouths and let their bellys rumble without thinking about it It all boils down to the green eyed monster if someone has a successful dog some people think its their duty to rubbish it