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  1. bobslurchers

    weight pull harness

    I would reccomend brown dog from America
  2. bobslurchers

    pics of terriers in fit/working condition

    I like this dog a lot, very similar to our JRT x Staff who has a very similar build.
  3. bobslurchers

    Dog cages for van

    For maestro van
  4. bobslurchers

    Dog cages for van

    I am looking for a used setup of dog cages suitable for a van or someone who can make a bespoke caging at a sensible price.
  5. The first dog looks very like our saluki cross (see attached photos - second one is to show colouring) Our girls
  6. bobslurchers

    lets see you guard dogs......

    Thats a f****** mean looking dog I have to agree a very nice "proper" looking rottie, not a pet barrel shaped dogs that you tend to see. I do like having a rottie or two about. It was very reassuring to take my last rottie girl out with me when i walked the dogs where I used to live. She was very good at keeping the drunks and kids at bay on our late evening walks. Our terrier has too much staffy in her to guard properly, she just barks. Our lurcher puts on a very good display for a lurcher and will bark and looks quite scary. The real guards though are the female rottie x, who is soppy with those she knows but will swap in a second to guard mode. Was standing with her outside the chippy waiting for my food and some kids came running past shouting, within seconds she went from cute dog people were petting when they came/went to standing all puffed up and barking at the kids with me hauling her back. Our other current rottie x, is x working collie - who for his size is very driven and one of the most determined dogs I have ever met! I would hate to be the person getting on the wrong side of my little boy.
  7. bobslurchers

    What do you do with your dogs while your working?

    Our mates are all to far away or at work too. My parents dont like my dogs and OH's mum who likes them lives too far away and dont drive. My main concern is just having someone to let them into the garden or letting them have acess outside to use the "facilities" if they need to. As they spend most of the day asleep anyhow till I get back home and take them out. I think I will look for a run I can attach to the back door where the dog flap is to make sure they cant get pinched.
  8. My OH has changed job, meaning 3 days a week there will be no-one home the whole day plus the commute to work. Before OH worked from home so the dogs just used the dogflap during the day and ammused themselfs during the day. I am wondering about an outside kennel for them during the day, as I am loathed to just let them use the dog flap when we arent home. I was thinking about getting a dog walker to just pop in on them about lunchtime, but the only one close enough I dont trust with my dogs as she thought letting them run around in a tennis court with glass on the floor and let them cut their feet up!
  9. bobslurchers

    The neighbours chickens

    Just to make this clear I am noyt asking for info to grass the woman up, if is was - would have just phoned the RSPCA in the first place. I was asking so next time I could offer some advice before somene does report her. I can do without them poking about nextdoor especially as you can see int our garden from theirs.
  10. bobslurchers

    The neighbours chickens

    Yep as Rob said the escaping thing has now been kinda sorted. I have put some rocks on the fence line where the little buggers kept digging under, they still keep coming through up the end of the garden though as I cant get round the other side of the big tree we have. But they have learned to disappear sharpish now when they hear our back door, and the dogs cant get there to get their side. Spoke to the neighbours about it and they couldn't be bothered to do anything about it, but then again they are a bit odd and no one speaks to them really. Its more just what they look like, I done want to be one of those people saying their chickens look ill, only to find the baldness is a chicken thing. Equally as they do still hang about in our garden sometimes I want to make sure they aren't going to have anything that will make my dogs ill. I dont know if they have a cock as I have never heard one crowing, only the little chicken noises.
  11. bobslurchers

    The neighbours chickens

    I no nothing about chickens or looking after them so im looking for some advice about my neighbours chickens. When we first moved in we had a bit of an argumemt about her keeping her chickens out of my garden so my dogs dont eat them, so I dont really want to say anything to her unless im sure of my facts. She has about 5 or 6 pet chickens at the end of her garden, recently I have spent a lot of time in our back bedroom (decorating) and I noticed the chickens seem quite bald on their lower half and it seems quite red and irritated. Is this a normal chicken thing or does it mean they have a problem? If they have lice or mites is this something my dogs can catch? They are regularly womed and de flead.
  12. I used to order my worm/flea treatment from pet care mart, but recently their website doesnt seem to be working and I really getting short of stuff for my 4 dogs now. I am trying to avoid going to the vets, as they get very funny about doing a prescription for stuff as they lose money but I really dont want to pay loads to them for the stuff. I would prefer to contunue using the products I use currently, Stringhold, Advantage, Milbemax and Drontal.
  13. bobslurchers

    Lack of understanding!

    I really do dispair with some of the pet dog owners about, where I walk it just seems to be people with fat labs and springers etc. There is a bloke over the road who just lets his fat lab wander up the road when he is doing stuff and the garage door is open, there are also neightbours a few doors up who are foreign and hate dogs so its fun when the lab ends up in their garden There is also a woman I used to be friends with who has two VERY fat labd and a dog and people agressive terrierish type dog, who has the nerve to tell me im cruel to my dogs for training them out of their issues and exercising them. I let my lurcher run free apparently its irresponsible (although he comes when called) and my others compete in lure racing etc (apparently dangerous, cruel and they may hurt/over stain themselfs). I have also been told off by my vets for having a "thin" rottweiler, this was a rottie who weighed 35kg and had no visible ribs BUT had a waist I wonder if people have gotten so used to the "fat pet dog" thats now what people expect, I also wonder if part of the reason they have the dog so fat is so its calmer and more controled than a fit dog.
  14. bobslurchers


    I dont know how much you know about parrots, so sorry if im teaching you suck eggs here. The parrots that are most likely to talk properly (a budgie can copy - but its not very clear) are the larger birds like african greys and macaws BUT these are also the guys that will live about 70 years on average. The smaller birds dont tend to speak particularly well BUT again there is no guarentee any bird will speak. Also make sure you have any parrot you buy checked by a vet for heath, as they can get very sick very quickly and end up costing you ££££ for specialist treatment. Try this site for more information http://www.parrotlink.com/phpBB2/
  15. bobslurchers

    Lurcher ran the greyhound track

    Not too sure about his cross as got him 2nd hand, I think he is mostly saluki x grey. I thought it was quite slow comparing the greyhound times, but the bloke at the track (running the hare) said he seemed quick for what he was.