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  1. ye weve been pals for twenty odd yeasra stay over and have agood crack down there an dhe likes up here to in gods country
  2. other dog jeed him up maybe ,take him with no other dogs see how he performs
  3. mate from yorkshire d slieght good little dogs
  4. they were kelpie grew mix mate bred them his self down south yorkshire your dog maybe related guy was d slieght
  5. these days are gone shame cant beat agood walk in the dark etc, saw little gem and co good little dogs
  6. great days had a few big posh gardens and some paid well good bag for minium effort thats hunting ,in and out do the biz and on to the next , youll be glad you had dogs
  7. mate had some good little ones katie milly kizzy about 22 23 , saw afew little dogs under 23 , not many lately tho
  8. majority hear go to tescos and some dont ahah
  9. obtainin the best about is fine then you have to put the graft into them guys
  10. so do i and many others as i was brought up all round edinburgh east lothain berwickshire and hunted with some of the best
  11. a lot of peoplel i think use non worker as thats why there so much tripe going about i mean look at som e of the big old scottish deerhounds un worked collies .over muscled pit bulls , show pony saluks , greyhouhds who are not to clever. whippets that are fine no real pace etc not like proper whippet racing type , its a sad fact that only clever types of hunters are useing good to good , or champ to proven workers , i wouldnt breed a litter of first crosses unles noth parents are well worked as you never find good pionts until tested or bad pionts
  12. good didnt no you could reAD MATE as i canna spell marra ahah
  13. get some pics for me,if i had a scanner i would put some up lol
  14. gods country i asked the local mp too put a passport and fence up at edinburgh and one at berwick lol keep em out i no some good bits beter than most , as ive been a bold character up ther with the dogs and sport , had some [bANNED TEXT] times always abit sport up there , i fish of there with oat in summer good lobster ground, makrel and codling
  15. kayal you were spotted at gifford asking apublican about hareing , he was bald as a coot lol he says ive nae hare
  16. i think farmers being listning to some ejit kepers localy or other clowns localy hence hees went ahead and done a fulish thing ,who ever piosoned them will know ,whats what hees maybe stuck the boot in or somebody local , had afew runings with farmers well more than some so no there stile and other jealous twats to , i hope you told him it wa slegal to chase rabbits and catch them have you any shooters close by who are a bit jealous , as they are the worse for sticken the boot in , as ive stuck it in to them many a saturdeay nite when there in the bar and im out on there hallowed grund
  17. great day and cant beat in woods ferreting ,woods have been my savour many a nite and day feel at home in them , great fereting in woods to brill
  18. were they proper gypsies or irish travelers guys
  19. very true love it at this time of year
  20. all depends land you hunt and the dog you hunt some get to wise others give a hundred percent and no qaurter given day or nite
  21. ye geoff good day that was ,had plenty or i would had said fech it along time ago , last time i saw you was chatsworth 9495 time flies
  22. got a full det of pokeman cards if any body wants to swap dog , and a jimml fix it badge , not all dogs make the grade im afraid , alot go up stairs or retire early to a pet home
  23. some will not be caut fairly ,especaily when they know what a dog is , had many agood chases for 3 4 5 and more mins , my mate and me used to take stop watch still do in the usa , a lot of great sport at this time of year , sorts the good dogs out , give the dog alay of and get back at them , heel be about sounds like he is the top buck there lol and knows his runs
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