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    It was my understanding that ridgebacks with a ridge was a fault which was bred for, and the pups that didnt show it were culled It was. Until they made that documentary and people said that it was cruel to cull dogs just because they didn't have the ridge so now all breed clubs have it in their code of conduct to not cull pups without ridge.
  2. Jesus, you might want to take that statement back if you want to have any small shred of dignity left when this thread has finished. Have you ever read the breed standard or did someone just tell you that and you believed them?
  3. Not sure if you have contacted all rescues and dog wardens? If these dogs are made too hot to handle then scum might just abandon them and they could turn up in rescue. Good luck I hope you get them back.
  4. You want to get a picture of the sire up, help them along and all that
  5. Been there and done that with no issues, especially middle toes shouldn't give you any problems.
  6. Same here. Can't see why you would do it any other way?
  7. Here you go permission_letter.rtf
  8. Best thread I've read on any forum in a long while. I'm really impressed with how you've brought her on, well done to you and your Dad and keep it up.
  9. here is his other post with the details
  10. thanks........... look him up on the search section. there are better pics on there... thing is i cant please everyone.... So I get called twat left right and centre and wippydoo gets thanks No one is asking you to please them, just offering you some advice that's all. People who know whippets, and know what they should look like, will all agree that he looks god awful in that pic. I know the dog (and a lot of his offspring) well, and I know he doesn't look like that in real life so don't need to do a search to find any other pics. There are many who don't and seeing th
  11. Like him a lot, best of luck, look forward to updates
  12. Sounds like an excellent night to me. Have a good time in a couple of weeks.
  13. Not surprised you like it. It's cracking
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