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  1. I looked every where for a rail for an x bolt & eventually found this,bit pricey but work at the end of the day I'll see if they do tbolt https://www.opticswarehouse.co.uk/product/recknagel-aluminium-picatinny-rail-for-browning-x-bolt-57050-001p/
  2. Some great pics there Kay well done Andy
  3. Well done John,alot of very happy faces there ATB Andy
  4. Hi Kev,ive recently had a roe buck done by Paul Taylor in Dorset,I was very happy with his work see pic below ATB Andy
  5. Hi Cf,Not far from you in Malvern,I bet you see a fair few foxes if its a chicken farm,havent you got a rifle ? ATB Andy
  6. Thanks wireviz,are you an AW yourself ?if so what sort of Qs do you ask ? Andy
  7. Well done FH,a very nice looking doe,great start to the year Andy
  8. Hi all,I done my dsc1 nearly 3 years ago now & was thinking about doing my Dsc2 in the near future,but im not sure if ive enough experience,I was just wondering whats the procedure & what sort of questions do the AWs ask,& to those whos done it how hard is it?I know ive got 3 yrs to do it & get some more experience but it would be good to hear off people whos done it & there thoughts. Thanks Andy
  9. Well done Steve nice work Andy
  10. Good choice mate Ive the X bolt in .223,.243 & 30-06 & im pleased with them all ,just out of interest what you putting through it Andy
  11. well done Jay,looks like you had a cracking night there andy
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