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  1. jamesy

    blue whippet bitch for sale

    Thanks for the comments folks, bit more info she is from show lines with plenty of CH in ped, but you would never tell she is from show stock as she is very keen, and will make a cracking worker. if traveling is a problem i have a number of a greyhound courier 07982245152, if you are intrested in the bitch please pm me a contact number and we can have a chat over the phone.
  2. jamesy

    blue whippet bitch for sale

    trying to find some more info on the line, as soon as i know i will post on this thread, cheers
  3. jamesy

    blue whippet bitch for sale

  4. Ive been asked by a friend if i would sell his grandmothers whippet, as he knew i use to keep lurchers. as she can no longer cope with the whippet and now find that she whats to chase everything and is to strong on the lead... the story as i know it is, she is 13months old kc reg. and was a pet, at this moment i do not have the line she is bred from, there is no question about her prey drive she is very keen. she has been housed in broading kennels and did drop a bit of weight.. i have taken her out and she is very very keen to catch rabbits day and night time and has had about 8 with me i was half thinking of having her myself, but ive gone away from running dogs.. PLEASE NO TIMEWASTERS YOU WILL BE NAMED AND SHAMED ANY QUESTION'S PM's ONLY PLEASE Thanks location Anglesey north wales LL65 price £300
  5. jamesy


  6. jamesy

    puppy jabs

    pm sent
  7. jamesy

    Question - north wales

    unless youve seen people shooting on there i would say the RSPB, some times you can buy a permit from the local authority if a wildfowl club doesnt have the rights.. give them a ring mate, http://www.conwy.gov.uk/sectionextra.asp?c...&Language=1
  8. jamesy

    free to a good home

    where abouts in wales are you, cheers
  9. jamesy

    Strong stuff dog collar

    I am getting the collar off Wilky And im sure he will tell you i offered to buy it, pay for it, but we settled on (beers on me) if we meet at any shows or any other outings that we may both be at! I have given away a fair few things on here, to people that will get more use out of that certain item than me. Anyway, cheers Wilky Top man thats what its all about, all the best
  10. jamesy

    Strong stuff dog collar

    Good man offering it for nowt,,,, i was a member of a site and they had a thing where if you gave sumit away the person who took the item had to donate sumit back just a suggestion, cheers
  11. jamesy

    working ferrets

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4 ferrets to good working home 1 last years gill polecat (ovulating and has been with male) 2 this years albino males 1 this years albino female. these are not my ferrets ive just been looking after them, now my friend says he wants them to go to a good working home,.. the ferrets are on Anglesey north wales. the ferrets are free to good working home but i would appreciate a donation of some hawk food, as the litter buggers have been eating me out of house and home.. cheers steve
  12. jamesy

    gos prices

    if you know anywhere i can get a 50/50 for £300 am very intrested spar cheers
  13. jamesy

    Shotguns for sale

    are any of the guns steel proof, and what chambers are there. cheers
  14. jamesy

    pups for sale

    have had a look on the route planner, 4hrs 30mins mmmmm, bit to far. good luck with the sale of the pups, Atb