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  1. Morning folks,recently purchased a 6/24 sf varmint. I'm hoping it should cover my future needs for moving up to hmr etc. I really has tighten my groups up at 70yds(air rifle) but I did find one problem. Having never used more than x12 I was amazed at how hard it was to get me eye relief right. Certainly not used to moving me eye like that. Any tips on high mag eye positions(stock pads any good). Thanks for reading this far. Getting ready for 22lr/hmr as paperwork gone off today. Thanks for any advice. Cam
  2. You looked up the bore before removing the bolt,blimey brother,glad your around to tell the story! Good lesson for everyone bud
  3. cameroncharles

    Whats Your Favorite Game Dish To Get Out Of The Field??

    Rabbit stifado. Red wine,onions,cloves=full
  4. cameroncharles

    Aa S400 Classic .17 For Rabbits?

    Average 350 rabbits per year so yep s400=pies,stews and dogs dinners!lol
  5. cameroncharles

    Another Attempted Dog Nab Off 15Year Girl!

    Not sure. Gonna chase it up this week.
  6. cameroncharles


    If you made me choose just one to keep in the garage. It would be me hilti drill. Sun will stop shinning before the motor burns out!
  7. Weel,they tried it in brackley last week. Green transit with stickerd tried to snatch dog on lead from her whilst walking in town. Heard from local vets 2 more attempted around middleton cheney/banbury in the last 2 weeks. No reg number yet. Haven't even got the balls to try and target a male. I wonder why?gutless that's what. Cam
  8. cameroncharles

    New To This Forum

    Alright fella, welcome to the forum! You'll find just about every answer you might have on here. Best of luck with your great choice of sport. Regards. Cam
  9. cameroncharles

    long day but worth it

    Top day out story there..glad you had such a good result!
  10. cameroncharles

    which night vision

    Challenger with laser ir=300 plus rabbits last year. With decent ir I'm viewing a rabbit from over 150yds. Yes not cheap but easy to fit/take off. Max range with laser ir at x3 I can just see a gate at 240yds.
  11. cameroncharles

    Hello all. Hows things?

    Greetings dude, this is quiet simply the best down to earth forum to join,good choice fella and a warm welcome.
  12. cameroncharles

    Self-righteous condescending pricks!

    Frizbees need a steady aim though which might put it past the regular hunter,best to soak back garden in oil,petrol,jelly,soap for that fully roasted fresh barbq taste. WhAt about a bamboo pit with shitty sticks,works well on most things though you need to keep the kids away..
  13. cameroncharles

    New to "The Hunting Life"

    Welcome! You'll always get an honest answer here.enjoy
  14. cameroncharles

    Curious about your permissions

    500 acres 5 mins away.