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  1. a great honest post indeed bosun atb
  2. glad to here your doing ok c p atb
  3. that second pic foxpack is a fine stamp indeed reminds me of a fawn dog from that area atb
  4. the tribe look like they had a good shift joe atb
  5. I have never seen the name before
  6. cracking piece of work that only thing is above the head looks top heavy now atb
  7. got to agree with what mike is saying about that rod you would be amazed at the amount off experienced anglers that have took to the oracle rods now all I hear is got it as a back up every time you see them wits in their hand the oracle good gesture by the mik
  8. even if you started late in live fishing you must have heard that statement mate t lines
  9. cracking pic Fuji that pom gets about atb
  10. cracking pics there lads dogs look in right fine fettle atb
  11. its great how they educate the opposite side on here with there reply.s
  12. can see your looking forward to that andy double post atb
  13. frank if your looking for a small mutt I would go with the pom looks like they have endless stamina atb
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