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  1. View Advert BSA ultra se 22 multi shot BSA ultra se with walnut stock 22 - multi shot 2 x 10 shot magazine 50x scopes bsa gun bag dvd pellets only 5 month old as new condition Advertiser boswell Date 28/05/18 Price £620.00 Category Airguns  
  2. hi mate got a young 7 month old dog pup here its out of cns buddy i bought it off sniper on this website its totally unspoilt not even seen a rabbit if intrested pm me
  3. that dog flint threw some good into the pups i breed a year before the ban at 10 month old they stopping daytime hares the biggest mistake i made was giving them to the dogs home when the ban came in
  4. hi mate got a pup here just gone 4 month old very well breed cns buddy sire x saluki bull greyhound bitch very fast very game if intrested pm me
  5. sold mine just before christmas rang jeff to see if he wanted him shame lovely big dog but just no gears to him at all in daytime
  6. is that prince x lassie dog on any good on the big bunnys daytime my 1 was too slow for the big bunnys when winter came alright in the summer
  7. hi i bought 1 a dog coming on well tried to get pictures up but cant seem to load them on here , i only run small land i only hope he has the speed for were i run , the last 2 pups i reared out of well bread dogs just lacked the speed was gutted had my heart set on them at a young age but just never made the grade ,
  8. hope he frows a bit of speed into them as i bought 1 just for field around the cotswolds fingers crossed as ive had bad look with the last 2 pups ive reared
  9. could you give me a ring about dog number 07870357427 thanks
  10. does any body no of any young stuff out of cns buddy are making the grade daytime just curious because ive got a 12 week pup out of him thanks
  11. hi mate pups settled in nice thanks
  12. have a young dog 14 month old not done much in daytime with him yet still a bit warm round are way he is breed out of tramp sire to mine is prince
  13. i know how it is mate been out 3 times in day had a lot off bother from farmers walkers ive just been keeping my young dog i bought off brookie on lamp locally doing very well on lamp cant wait to get him going daytime but like you said hard to get the runs
  14. sorry just live in the midlands had a lot of hassle last season with old bill mates jacked dog game in out buy my own this season i will keep in touch when dogs get fitter get a bit of rain hear to arrange a spin for a few quid or just for sport dean.
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