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  1. Carl Williams whippet x greyhound 

  2. in the horse racing world the mongrel is called a thorobred ;-)
  3. in the name of fame he has been on here in the past, why do you think that my name is Darren Gallagher I am not on here as Darren because it wont let me, what is your name, as for 1 sided arguement I didnt even start this thread , I take it then that you agree Jude is the only working male whippet in the country?
  4. George next sat 8am at mine just a get together if you want?
  5. you read that wrong trubshaw I am glad pennymeadow is the judge, because I believe in my dog enough to think he can overcome the handicap, but tell me how is that an unnesecary swipe ? yes that is my artguement read what I have posted there are lots of good male whippets in the country, its not me saying there isnt it glover saying there isnt I guess its time to stop posting again, at least I was willing to show glover that itds FACTO NON VERBA where are the rest of you?
  6. probably because KC rules say there needs to be 12months apart in litters, not 8 months. I dont know how the comp will be run , not bothered my dog will do his best as always, all I can do is present him in a condition good enough to perform , I have a handicap to start with anyway as Pennymeadow is judging and he bred Jude, but I believe my dog will do enough. Here is a giggle though, for the last 2 winters I have been accepting challanges from other KC whippet owners on straight catching , and this challange came about a week after I had posted on WWF that I am not doing it anymore with
  7. challange came about via WWF and Nigel Wallbanks, yes I'll be running Sonny, but theres a few around(males) that anyone would be proud to own that would probably put Jude in its place. JG did write at one point it was his first whippet he wrote after doing lots of research he settled on a pup from Pennymeadow for his first whippet, however he has also said he had one from the EAWCC many yearrs ago so who knows whats what? And yes I'll make sure the dog knows his voice
  8. I cant believe I am agreeing with Leeview lol
  9. was challanged to run jude with my dog last night ,I accepted for next Dec. No matter what you think of any line there is more than 1 working male in this country, and how can he say hes preserving the blood line when Pennymeadow has bred a few?How can he say Jude is the best, I dont claim my whippet to be the best, but I think he is better than Jude, I did [post on WWF how long before JG and PW write in CMW promoting this litter, which incidently, is only 8 months apart from the last litter, and why did they write should the dog ever be at open stud, when infact hes been pushing it for 9 mon
  10. the boston standard and the fenland citizen are always printing warnings for the public to ring the hot line true story, Shaun Vickers was with me on some of my permission at Frampton when my mobile rings and instead of a number it says "unavailable" it was Bostons Chief Inspector telling me to get of the land or they would come and get us if one of the dogs as much as crossed the dyke where it shouldnt be, I didnt believe it was the police until he gave me my details, when asked how he got my number he just said we have means and warned me they were watching wht I got upto with the dogs.
  11. I wouldnt worry about it tiny, the dog was obviously shit as well bearing in mind that Brigorn was 28.5" and nige there is 6' infact why am I answering, I should have known this would happen it is THL after all, so Tiny I take it you have better pics of pure salukis that you owned pre-ban let alone over 20yrs ago
  12. well said scalesntails, like I said i asked nobbo about strong stuff before, and he more or less said if you want webbing collars to goto strong stuff , reading the posts bullmat is trying his hardest to stir shit up, and I cant understand why on earth strongstuff would slag of a different product? Such a shame btw bullmat are you the fella at the bullbreed shows with the eng bulls?
  13. how does the dog strike with that collar on? in fact can it catch anything with that collar on the whippet i meen are the big wide collars for bull xs to stop things chewing the dogs neck then? are they bite proof? like this
  14. Harris and Watson Collar (nobo) 2yrs on , no sign of wear D ring on back of collar no where near the buckles I remember asking nobo about strong stuff collars some time ago his reply was something like "good collars or he wouldnt keep selling them, but we use different methods" something like that anyway, but he NEVER slagged them of to me
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