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  1. Are you after one like this TracerPower.com Tracer 12V 22Ah Lithium Polymer Battery Pack if so let me know as I have a brand new one.
  2. AGS 4-16X56 with sunshade which has a weaver rail on it, so an ir laser can be fitted £120 + postage
  3. I don't think you will get an add-on + a DSA + an IR for £100 if you don't mind shooting with a screen you could get something like this eBay item number: 281308932586 Both the add-on and the one on ebay are switch-able between rifles without any problems, you will need a day scope with side parallax adjustment
  4. Derek join this forum http://www.nightvisionforumuk.com/ you will get all the help you need and it will be from people that have tried most aspects of home builds, it will save you money and time. If you are just after a good set up, you need to tell us a bit more like what rifle / distance / budget / add-on / dedicated NV / and so on
  5. You asked about the best IR's and was told by the gafer to go to the night vision forum, well i would join this forum and ask on there about NV builds and ask marky610 for IR'S http://www.nightvisionforumuk.com/ Most of the ones on ebay are well over priced, you could ask marky610 about his add-ons which are very good
  6. It depends on which NV unit you have.
  7. If you wish to purchase a DFA75 all well and good, but please do your research. The DFA75 and the PS22 front add-ons are not very good, you can end up re-zero your unit in every time you mount it as it suffers from POI shift, the only front add-ons that don't do this cost over £5000 , have a read here on front add-ons http://www.nightvisionforum.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=148 also this was said about the DFA75 from an owner I just don't like to see people waste their money on NV , how many reviews can you find by people who actually own a DFA75 ? not many , now if this unit was that good the internet would be flooded with good reviews by owners but all you will find is good reviews by sellers or retailers.
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